URL shortening is a technique in which a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) can be made substantially shorter in length and still direct to the required web page. This is achieved by using an HTTP Redirect on a domain name that is short, which links to the web page that has a long URL.

In other words, URL shortening services is online tools and services that allow you to provide a long URL to a specific web page and obtain a much shorter URL from the service provider.

Short URL

URL shortening services was initially popular because longs URLs were always difficult to share and remember. After twitter became popular, there has been a tremendous growth is URL shortening service and tools.

This was because twitter only allows 140 characters limit per tweet, and when there is character limit URL shortening service can come handy.

URL Shortener’s tools and services are also very useful for bloggers and webmasters as they can easily share long URLs with their friends on social media, forums or even on a phone. The shorten URL automatically redirects the user to the targeted page when opened in a browser.

A URL shortened works because of a Web server function called a “Redirect” (URL redirection) or 301 redirect. Basically, the new URL (the short URL) will redirect users to the old URL (your long URL).

Creating a short URL does not need any coding knowledge. The easiest way to get your short URL is to copy the long URL, paste it into a field on the URL shortener service’s website, and then you’ll get a short URL to copy and paste wherever you want to use it.

The concept of shortening long URLs goes back to at least the year 2001. The first shortening service was Tiny URL, which was launched in 2002.

Since then, URL shortening services has evolved a lot over the years and added many additional features to make using URL shortener even better. One very important feature which these services provide is, when you shorten a URL, you will be able to keep track of that URL and check statistics of it such as how many clicks you have received.

Today, there are thousands of URL shortening service and new service popup every day. Before you plan to use some of  the URL shortening service, we would like to Point out some advantages and also disadvantages.

Advantages Of Using Short URL

Easy to Share: Short links are easy to share on social media, chat and forums making it look even more engaging. For example, in tweets where you have 144 characters limit; it is always smart to use short links to so that you can add extra characters for call to actions.

Track Links: These days many short URL services provide tracking statistics such as how many users click on your links, making it easy to keep an eye on your online marketing campaign.

Earn Money: Some short URL service even offers you to earn extra money for using their service. When people click on your short URL on twitter or other social media website, they will go to your web page but will also be shown an advertisement during redirect process, this can help you can earn extra money, which is normally based on CPC system.

Get More Clicks: We have seen that shortened URLs encourage users with more clicks than normal lengthy URL. The main reason could be user curiosity, since the final destination of a short URL is unknown, it always makes a user to click on and link and check out what is on that page.

Hide Affiliate Links: You can hide and shorten your affiliate link and still redirect a user to your affiliate page. For example, a typical product link on Amazon or other online sales site can contain 100 or more characters; with short URL, it can be greatly reduced giving your more space to write about it on twitter.

Make it Memorable: A short URL is more user-friendly and memorable. It would be much easier to remember the shortened URL instead of the long one.

Disadvantages Of Using Short URL

Broken Links(404 not found): The risk of broken links is one major disadvantage of shortened URLs. Suppose you deleted a web page whose URL was shortened and spread  across the social media site.

That page no longer available on your site but its link is still all over the social media, and search engines are constantly scanning those sites, which will lead to your page, which no longer exist. And there is nothing you can do about it.

Broken links are bad for SEO, and it does have an impact on your site ranking in search engines if there are too many.

Abuse Of System: URL shortening service may be utilized by spammers or for illicit Internet activities. As a result, many have been removed from online registries or shut down by web hosts or Internet service providers.

If you plan to use a short URL service, always preview the shortened address before posting it. There have been instances of services being hacked and redirecting users in unexpected ways.

It is also recommended that only click on short links, which are provided by a credible source or user.

Not Trustworthy: Shortened URLs can be manipulated; you may think you are going to land on an expected web page, but you may be taken somewhere else.

Even if the short address hasn’t been manipulated, URL shorteners generate such a random group of characters that they don’t give you a clue where will you land after you click on a short link.

Short URL Generator List

  1. http://bitly.com/
  2. http://tinyurl.com/
  3. http://goo.gl/
  4. http://is.gd/
  5. http://ow.ly/
  6. http://tr.im/
  7. http://bit.do/
  8. http://reducelnk.com/
  9. http://mcaf.ee/
  10. http://app.x.co/
  11. http://dft.ba/
  12. http://dyinglinks.com/
  13. http://v.gd/
  14. http://gg.gg/
  15. http://www.readability.com/shorten
  16. http://y.ahoo.it/
  17. http://shorten.me/
  18. http://tiny.tw/
  19. http://shoutkey.com/
  20. http://u.to/
  21. http://www.b54.in/
  22. http://adf.ly/
  23. http://adcrun.ch/
  24. http://zpag.es/
  25. http://cpvlink.com/
  26. http://cro.pm/
  27. http://ukl.me.uk/
  28. http://zbbx.me/
  29. http://slink.co/
  30. http://sze.me/
  31. http://www.smplurl.com/
  32. http://linx.cf/
  33. http://rt-g.us/
  34. http://www.leapoverto.com/
  35. http://kay.so/
  36. http://linku.in/
  37. http://www.bigly.us/
  38. http://pgj.cc/
  39. http://tyn.ee/
  40. http://www.po.st/
  41. http://budurl.com/
  42. http://ad.vu/
  43. http://poprl.com/
  44. http://snipurl.com/
  45. http://zi.ma/
  46. http://cli.gs/
  47. http://shorturl.p4o.net/
  48. http://twurls.co.cc/
  49. http://be.cm/
  50. http://nn.bb/
  51. http://fur.ly/
  52. http://tiny.cc/
  53. http://su.pr/
  54. http://ity.im/
  55. http://cutt.us/
  56. http://yourls.org/
  57. http://shrinkurl.us/
  58. http://beam.to/
  59. http://to.ly/
  60. http://www.untiny.me/
  61. http://redirx.com/
  62. http://easyurl.net/
  63. http://doiop.com/
  64. http://www.hex.io/
  65. http://safe.mn/
  66. http://fyad.org/
  67. http://notlong.com/
  68. http://www.smallurl.in/
  69. http://www.dwarfurl.com/
  70. http://shiturl.com/
  71. http://w3t.org/
  72. http://idek.net/
  73. http://short.ie/
  74. http://shrten.com/
  75. http://yep.it/
  76. http://u.nu/
  77. http://kl.am/
  78. http://moourl.com/
  79. http://beam.to/start.asp
  80. http://b65.us/
  81. http://www.canurl.com/
  82. http://curio.us/
  83. http://cuturls.com/
  84. http://decenturl.com/
  85. http://www.digbig.com/
  86. http://dn.vc/
  87. http://durl.us/
  88. http://www.ezurl.eu/
  89. http://www.faceto.us/
  90. http://fhurl.com/
  91. http://flingk.com/
  92. http://www.fly2.ws/
  93. http://www.get-url.com/
  94. http://www.hotredirect.com/
  95. http://hurl.it/
  96. http://iscool.net/
  97. http://www.just.as/
  98. http://www.x.se/
  99. http://linkslice.com/
  100. http://liteurl.net/
  101. http://memurl.com/
  102. http://metamark.net/
  103. http://nanoref.com/
  104. http://netshortcut.com/
  105. http://ne1.net/
  106. http://notlong.com/
  107. http://nutshellurl.com/
  108. http://oboeyasui.com/
  109. http://paulding.net/
  110. http://www.quickurl.co.uk/
  111. http://rubyurl.com/home
  112. http://www.shim.net/
  113. http://shorl.com/
  114. http://www.shortenurl.com/
  115. http://shorterlink.com/
  116. http://www.shortio.com/
  117. http://shortlinks.co.uk/
  118. http://www.shorturl.com/
  119. http://url.lotpatrol.com/
  120. http://get-shorty.com/
  121. http://shoturl.us/
  122. http://shrinkr.com/
  123. http://shurl.net/
  124. http://snipurl.com/
  125. http://www.starturl.com/
  126. http://tighturl.com/
  127. http://tiniuri.com/
  128. http://truncurl.com/
  129. http://tubeurl.com/
  130. http://turo.us/
  131. http://tweetl.com/
  132. http://twittu.ms/
  133. http://www.ulimit.com/en/
  134. http://urlao.com/
  135. http://urlbee.com/
  136. http://url.co.uk/
  137. http://urlcutter.com/
  138. http://urlcut.com/
  139. http://urlhawk.com/
  140. http://url.ie/
  141. http://urltea.com/
  142. http://u76.org/
  143. http://www.vdirect.com/
  144. http://wapurl.co.uk/
  145. http://www.webalias.com/
  146. http://yatuc.com/
  147. http://zootit.com/
  148. http://6url.com/
  149. http://301url.com/
  150. http://DwarfURL.com
  151. https://shortest.link/

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