The method of search engine optimization is very crucial for improving the positioning or ranking of a website. Webmasters around the world are aware of the importance of SEO and so, they always look for methods and techniques through which they can get their websites at the top of Google search results.

There are different criteria based on which, we can find out if a person is an actual SEO guru, or he is pretending to be one. The first and foremost criterion is the experience of the person.

SEO Gurus

Most of the business owners like you must have probably come across SEO companies promising you high Google page ranks, special back links, and even claims that they’ve figured out Google’s ranking algorithm. Sadly, too many people who trying to start an online business end up using these services without knowing all the facts, and waste their money for nothing.

Here are some claims that SEO gurus make, and you should be aware that it is not true.

Ranking on the first page of Google: Seo gurus always claim that they rank your website on the first page of Google, and this is a big lie. No one can guarantee the top spot in google; search engines use different criteria to rank a website, and it is still unknown to common users.

Getting hundred of directory links: Link building is a very difficult task and submitting a website to directory is a time-consuming process. It is never easy to get hundred of backlinks from a business directory within a short period of time. Any company that is offering you a multitude of links for a low price is more than likely giving you poor quality and vulnerable links.

Not disclosing their techniques: Many companies fail to ever tell you exactly what techniques they will be using or how they are going to help you in ranking. Customers have rights to know  detailed explanation, but some companies literally tell you nothing about their techniques.

You need a Google sitemap for good ranking: When your website is designed properly, that is when it is crawler-friendly, you certainly don’t need a Google Sitemap.

Updating a website is necessary for higher ranking: Updating content regularly does increase crawl rate but does not guarantee higher ranking.

Running a website is more than just beautiful content and tons of keyword rich clutter. You need to be well informed in your SEO practice. Having a firm grasp on the basics is very important. SEO is a powerful tool and if used incorrectly can end up doing more damage to your website rather than helping it.