I love to watch movies, in fact whenever I get the rare chance, I watch more movies than television, but I’m not the kind of buff that rushes to the theater every time something new comes out.

In fact, I often don’t see a movie until it makes it’s way to DVD and even then, I’m never the first in line to purchase or rent from the store. I’m also known to pick up an old movie and watch it as if it’s new.

Julie and Julia

A lot of times it feels as if I’ve never seen the movie as I discover knew themes and learn new lessons now that I have a more mature perspective. Sometimes what I see in those old movies are still relevant to me today.

So if you ever wonder why I’ll pull an old movie out of my hat (like now) and start blogging about it, that’s why.

I just recently viewed Julie & Julia and was so encouraged and inspired by it’s message. It gave me an extra dose of the fuel I continually need to keep on blogging. It reminded me why I blog – that even though success takes time, it is still possible.

I learned that most of the greatest accomplishments made by the people we consider successful, took years. All we see is the current status of their success, we rarely see all the years and effort that went into it. Both of the women in that movie had major obstacles that would have caused the average human to quit.

I think about my own blogging efforts, and there are times when I feel as if my efforts have been in vain and that failure is ever lurking in the shadows for me. It’s a discouraging feeling that instantly saps my energy and makes me want to hit the delete button, crawl back under my rock and disappear.

I’m so glad Julie Powell didn’t give in. I’m glad she ignored the negative feedback that would have caused me to shrink and retreat.

She could’ve listened to everyone around her and just stopped blogging or she could’ve listened to her mother and never really started in the first place – and then what? Millions of viewers would’ve lost out on this highly inspiring and motivating book, turned movie.

Maybe I would have quit weeks ago had I not watched her go through some very familiar problems. You wouldn’t be reading this today and perhaps getting a renewed sense of why you need to keep at whatever you’re doing, whether it be blogging, running your business or working toward whatever level of financial freedom you are seeking.

Sometimes doing the unconventional is the only way. It’s easy to get sidetracked and discouraged, and that’s why this movie was such a necessary and much needed example of perseverance. Am I a better blogger because of it.

It may have been the fact that she started blogging at a critical point in time, and it may seem that her level of success is no longer possible now that the blogosphere is so much more crowded now. But, regardless of that seemingly lucky draw of time, she still made her blog stand out.

She did it by reaching back to another excellent example of success and gave it a new spin. She enhanced the greatness that was already there. Then she took it a step further and allowed her readers to suspense-fully watch her project unfold.

She didn’t actively market it (or at least that wasn’t shown in the movie) yet her readers were hooked and the popularity of blog spread at a viral rate

Although these events took place several years back, a well thought out blog project is still an excellent way to make your blog stand out. Join me tomorrow as I dive in and discuss some of the elements that make an irresistible blog project.

Did you see this movie? What are your thoughts? Do you believe she was just lucky or that there were elements that made her blog stand out?

Author’s Bio: Liva Sleiman is an expert marketing consultant and is associated with an SEO and marketing agency. She is a proficient freelance writer who works for many online publications where she covers online business related topics. She offers her knowledge, particularly on SEO, social media marketing and many more.