TV and film producers take inspiration from the strangest of sources. While some movies are inspired by catastrophes or heroic deeds, there are many other incredibly entertaining TV shows and films that have much more mundane foundations.

Sometimes they’re based on teen drama, and sometimes, they’re based on the one place we all spend so much time in that we’ve come to ignore it – the office. Here’s a few of our favorite films that might make you see your workplace in a different light.

TV Shows

Nine to Five

This 1980s comedy is most definitely showing its age, but that doesn’t stop it from being funny. The premise is simple – three female employees of a rather sexist, bigoted boss decide to turn the tables on him. I bet we’ve all fantasized about giving our bosses what they deserve!

The Office

The Office is a comedy TV series that is so successful they made it twice! The original series was made by the BBC, and it was then adapted for American audiences by Greg Daniels. The American series airs on NBC. The show follows the adventures of the office workers at a fictional company called Dunder Mifflin paper company.

Office Space

Office Space is a comedy about a group of men, including two software engineers, who hate their jobs. When the company they work for brings in some consultants to find ways to start saving money, and starts downsizing, they embark on some poorly thought-out schemes, with hilarious results.

The I.T. Crowd

The I.T. Crowd is a TV show based on the adventures of some nerdy tech support guys (and one relatively normal woman that got assigned to the IT department by mistake) working for a big company. All the usual stereotypes are covered here: gossiping girls, bored tech support workers, socially awkward geeks, and lecherous bosses. Watching the I.T. crowd is a good way to make your office seem normal!


Clockwatchers is a funny but heartwarming tale of office oppression and the “us vs. them” mentality that occurs in places with a lot of temporary workers. The movie tells the story of Iris, a shy and retiring temp that makes friends with other temps when she starts her job at the Global Credit Association.

All goes well for a while, until Cleo, a full timer, arrives on the scene. A series of office thefts takes place, and the office environment quickly changes from fun and games to all-out war.

All of the above films and TV shows are comedies – I guess that says a lot about the way that most people think about their jobs! Offices can be boring and stressful places, but the drama and the wide range of personalities can make them feel like home too.

Maybe next time your boss is looking for offices to rent, he should find one near a TV station, and turn the office into a reality TV show. Wouldn’t you like to make millions from your water cooler gossip?