Some governments, institutions and enterprises try to block websites in order to reduce distractions, conserve bandwidth, or censor content. If you want to bypass such limitations, you can make use of a free proxy server.

Proxy servers are handy tools that act as intermediaries between your computer and the websites you want to visit that is blocked in your region on workplace. If you are unable to visit a blocked site directly, you can ask a proxy server to visit it for you.

Free Proxy Server List

When you use a proxy server, communication isn’t blocked between you and the site, since you are communicating directly with the proxy and not with the restricted website. A reliable proxy service can help you overcome Internet censorship.

However, a free proxy server will sometimes slow down your browsing, or fail to display web pages properly. Some sites even bombard you with advertisements and pop-ups.

Here Is How To Use Such Service:

1. First, go the website which offers free proxy service, type the URL of the site you wish to unblock, and press Enter.

2. Browse the restricted site as you normally do. You will notice that the address bar of your browser displays the proxy service’s domain, indicating that you are browsing anonymously.

Top Free Proxy Server List

Hide My Ass: Free proxy to surf anonymously and protect your online identity. To fully encrypt your internet connection at supreme speed and access to restricted websites online you can upgrade to pro VPN.

Proxy: Guide to online privacy and anonymous web surfing and the most comprehensive list of working web-based proxies, updated daily.

Unblock My Web: Unblock YouTube and other restricted sites with UnblockMyWeb. This site allow you to access your favorite websites that may have been banned in your area.

Free YouTube Proxy: This site is free to use, and lets you unblock any website on the internet that you can’t access with your current internet connection. This proxy server is incredibly fast and easy to use and free.

England Proxy: Use this site if you need to stay anonymous in Great Britain and you can also keep your information private with their free SSL proxy site.

Unblocker: Unblocker gives everyday users the tools they need to access their favorite websites.

Fast USA Proxy: A free, secure and stable web proxying service. Fast USA Proxy is, exactly as the name suggests, a web proxy based in the American city of Chicago. Unleash unfiltered web browsing and enhance your internet security through advanced proxy browser.

New IP Now: This site offers anonymous web browsing across multiple IP address.

KProxy: Surf the web anonymously and bypass filters with this free and fast web proxy.

Working Proxy: 100% Free and unblocked proxy site situated in middle of England United Kingdom.

Rapid Proxy: Here you can unblock any website that is currently blocked on your computers network. With seriously fast SSD proxy servers scattered around the USA Rapid Proxy will allow you to interact with your favorite online content quicker than ever before.

Ninja Cloak: Ninja Cloak is a free anonymous web based proxy service. With Ninja Cloak you can browse your favorite web sites anonymously and even from behind a firewall with blocked ports.

Quick Proxy: Fast Proxy site with servers in the United Kingdom. Unblock sites restricted by your current location or network.

Free Proxy Server: This site bypass any network filter and grant you complete access to your favorite online content.

Free You Proxy Tube: Unblock youtube using free dedicated web proxy. watch every video on all devices from any location.

The Best Proxy: You can unblock any website and bypass network filters using this tool.

Free Web Proxy: By using Free Web Proxy you are able to unblock any banned websites you cannot view via your normal internet connection. This service is completely free and works anywhere in the world.

Network Bypass: Bypass network filters and avoid detection, unblock every website for free using this SSL web proxy.