Bing launched their form for users to make requests for content removals. It has now started accepting requests from European citizens to hide certain pages in Bing search results.

The option has been introduced following the ‘right to be forgotten‘ ruling made by the European Union Court of Justice back in May.

Bing Right To Be Forgotten Request

Visit Here for the form.

However, Bing won’t accept each and every request without any genuine reason and application. The form posted online requires you to fill up all the personal information, including your name, country of residence – documentation proving these to be true – and an email address.

The European Union Court of Justice sided with privacy advocates guided that the search engines must either edit or erase online search results if they are found to violate a person’s privacy.

Search engine giants such as Google and Bing were advised to remove links to Web pages that are published by third parties and contain information relating to a person from the list of results displayed following a search made based on that person’s name.

In order to get your request accepted you are advised to provide complete and relevant information for each applicable question on this form. Bing will use all the information that you provide to evaluate your request and will also consider other sources of information beyond this form to verify or supplement the information you provide.