A common misconception is that all businesses relying on managed colocation do so because they are not tech savvy enough to manage their own servers.

While this group of businesses does exist, there are a growing number of tech savvy businesses who could manage their own servers through traditional colocation but choose not to.


They have discovered a variety of additional benefits to managed colocation which traditional colocation does not provide.

Server Management Is Time Consuming

Just because a business has the IT staff to deal with the database server management doesn’t mean it is always cost effective to do so.

This is especially true with traditional colocation if the facility is located too far away. Plus, hiring and training internal IT staff dedicated solely to server management requires additional time which may not be available within the IT department.

Outsourcing server management through managed colocation is a simple, hands-free alternative.

Data Backup Is Time Consuming

Another benefit of managed colocation is the server data is always backed up. While a business may have the in-house staff with the technical expertise to accomplish this, it diverts valuable work hours away from more pressing internal tasks.

By outsourcing data backup the in-house IT staff gains the flexibility and additional time to focus on more business-critical and profitable activities. Additionally, outsourcing the data backup process can provide a more cost effective way to set up a hot disaster recovery site.

Managed Colocation Expands Data Center Location Options

Relying on managed colocation also provides businesses with greater opportunity to leverage facilities which are farther away. Since they do not need to send their own staff to manage the servers, they can choose data center facilities which are not located in high-risk natural disaster zones.

Businesses also gain the opportunity to leverage data centers which have access to less expensive power and connectivity. This provides long-term cost savings by reducing ongoing operating expenses.

Benefit From Resource Management and Strategic Planning

The final reason tech savvy businesses still use managed colocation is because they gain access to additional value-added services.One of the most important additional services is resource management and strategic planning.

Just because a business is tech savvy enough to maintain their own servers, doesn’t mean they can effectively manage their resources or plan for future needs.

Managed colocation providers work with a range of diverse clients which provides them with unique insights into effective resource management and strategic planning.

The myth that tech savvy businesses always choose traditional colocation to manage their own servers rather than rely on managed colocation is a dangerous one.

There are a variety of financial and strategic benefits traditional colocation cannot always provide. It is essential for a business, regardless of its technical expertise, to consider the time required to manage servers and backup data to choose the most efficient long-term solution.

From a financial perspective, they must also consider the benefits of using a data center outside of the immediate surrounding area.