Writing a blog post is sometimes a daunting task. A writer can literally be thrown into dilemma when it comes on deciding between a short and an elaborate post. However, many presume that length does not matter. Though true, it does matters in most cases.

Generally, written content’s goal is to pass information in shortest period with ease. Then again, it is not possible always. For instance, consider a tutorial post. Every step needs to explanation in detail so readers have no trouble in understanding. On the other hand, consider a general post; it can be tailored into short and punchy article.

Brief Posts or Descriptive Posts

So what is the verdict? A verdict without looking at benefits is blind shot. We shall look at the benefits of writing descriptive posts and short posts. The final decision will arrive as the course ends.

Pros and Cons of Writing Short Posts:

Below follows the Pros of writing short posts:

  1. It takes less time to come up with short posts
  2. Readers are always busy. Short posts helps them to grab ideas quick
  3. It is easy to write short posts
  4. Short posts are punchy and up to the point
  5. Several short posts can be written in the shortest time
  6. Creation of fresh contents from SEO view

Let us look at the Cons of Shot Posts:

  1. Short posts do not attract comments
  2. They do not attract much link as short posts do not discuss the topic in detail
  3. Readers are off as soon as they read them. Naturally, when it comes to lead generation, the conversion is way below.
  4. Competition is fierce in blogospere. Therefore, readers will tend to lean towards content that stands independent.

Pros and Cons of Writing elaborate content:

Here are Pros of Writing Long posts:

  1. Readers are provided with detailed information
  2. Engagement occurs on long posts
  3. Links are gained through longer posts. People find longer posts as valuable therefore; they are more prone to spread the word.
  4. In case of tutorials, readers are educated in systematic manner.
  5. Longer posts show up in SERPs often when compared to short posts

Cons of writing Long posts:

  1. A detailed post requires research and this in turn requires time. Therefore, investment of several hours is necessary for long posts.
  2. Sometimes readers never read the whole post. They just skim and find related information.
  3. Some readers hate going through long posts.

At present, the above three are the only disadvantages of long posts that I can think of. Coming to the verdict, the answer is both. Post should always be combination of short posts and Long posts. Short posts will take care of busy readers. Longer posts will serve in providing detailed information and gaining backlinks.

Finally, the question to be asked is the length of short and long posts. Answer cannot be provided in terms of numbers as many consider 400 words as long while others consider it as short. Since it is a matter of relation, it is best left with the topic.

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