SEO tactics frequently change with the search engine algorithms, So the people who are new to the SEO concept always get confused.

We made the list of most common questions that is considered to be the basics.

What Is SEO

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. It’s a technique of getting a website in the top position of the Search engine results without paying them. This means your website will get free traffic from search engines.

What Is SERP?

SERP means a Search engine results page. When a user makes search query (keyword) on the Search engine, it’s responded by the SERP results. The SERP results include different website’s Title, Description and URL with highlighted target keywords.

What Is a Backlink?

A link from the other web page is called a backlink or inbound link, getting a quality backlinks can positively affect your website ranking. What is considered to be a high-quality backlink?

A backlink from the most trusted website is considered as high-quality backlink. The .gov, .edu websites are most trusted websites. Depending on the website niche, a link from the most relevant web page is considered a high-quality backlink.

What Is a Keyword?

The keyword is either a word or group of words. It is a search query made on the Search engine to find particular information by search engine users.

The Search engine calculates the relevancy with that data stored in its database and display the most relevant web page on the search results. The keyword research can help you find the most prominent keywords for your individual webpage.

What are Organic Search Results?

An Organic search result means the natural ranking of a website in the SERPS. This natural ranking can be attained by using SEO techniques, which has been mentioned earlier.

What Is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is a click able text in a Hyperlink. The anchor text can be either internal link or outbound link. An anchor text plays an important role in ranking as it is considered as a keyword.

What are The Types Of SEO?

Depending on the optimization approach, the SEO can be divided into two types. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO, both techniques help to increase website ranking on the Search results. However, an impact ratio can be different.

Important SEO Techniques

Content optimization, Keyword research and building High-quality backlinks are important SEO techniques. The ranking of a web page usually depends on these three techniques. However, domain name and location of a hosting server also play a crucial role.

What Is On-page SEO?

The optimization that is done on the website, such as changing internal HTML code, content and structure of a website called On-page optimization.

The website owner can optimize these things so that it can help search engines to understand the website and rank it well. Meta tags, content optimization, Image optimization and Keyword density are common on-page optimization techniques.

What Is Off-page SEO?

The optimization that is done out of the website is called off-page SEO. This is done by building high-quality backlinks. Guest posting, article submission, blog posting, video marketing, info-graphics submission, forum submission, blog commenting and classified submissions are most common off-page SEO techniques and helps to build backlinks.

Can On-page and Off-page SEO Optimization Increase Website Ranking?

It does not always help but do have an impact on your website ranking. Search engines not guarantee that the website will get good rank, but those On-page and off-page SEO strategies surely influence the SEO rankings.

What Is Google Page Rank?

PageRank is a Google algorithm to measure the importance of a web page. It varies from 0 to 10; the 10 page rank is considered to be most important. Higher the page rank more important the web page.

What are Inbound Links and Out-bound Link?

A link from your website to another external web page is called out-bound link. However, a linkback to our website is called inbound link. The inbound links can increase SEO rankings; however, an outbound link can hurt your website ranking only when you link to an unrelated website.

What Is No-follow Link and Its Use?

A no-follow link means it will not allow linked websites to pass its page rank. The out-bound links can pass the link juice from your website, making it no-follow can prevent it. However, The no-follow is not recommendable for internal linking.

What Is an Internal Link?

A link that connects to the internal pages of a website is called internal link. The Google crawler can pass through one web page to another via internal link, and this helps to index all its pages in its database.

What Is a Title Tag?

The title tag is a part of Meta tags. The brief and accurate information of a web page is placed on the Meta tags. The Search engines use it to define a web page and ranks it accordingly. The ideal title tag length is considered to be maximum 70 characters.

It is one of the most important on-page ranking factors in SEO. Since it tells search engines about the web page. Search engine understands the meaning of the Title tag and display of the search results. The Unique title with targeted keywords can greatly influence the SEO ranking in the SERP results.

Why Is a Keyword Very Important In SEO?

The ranking of a website depends on many factors, and one important factor is the keyword. The primary keywords in the URL, Page title, heading, and first paragraph and META tags can increase the web page rankings. However, over usage of keywords is called keyword stuffing, and this can lead to Google’s penalty.

What Is Keyword Density?

A number of a keyword per 100 words measured in the keyword density. The optimum value can be between 2 and 4.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Unethical techniques to get a top position on the Search results is called black hat SEO. Black hat SEO helps the website to get instant results. However, it may be penalized by the Search engine later if they are able to find out.

Those techniques mainly focus on Search engine ranking rather than providing quality content to the users. Hidden text, keyword stuffing, doorway pages, redirections and duplicate content are few most common black hat SEO techniques.

What Is White Hat SEO?

The Techniques and strategies used by the webmaster or the SEO company which are ethically approved by Google is called White hat SEO. The Social media marketing, blog commenting, forum participation is considered to be white hat SEO techniques.

What Is KEI?

KEI means keyword efficiency index. An efficient of a Keyword frequently used as a search query over the Internet called KEI. The SEO analysts usually focus on KEI to find the primary and secondary keywords for the SEO campaign.

What are Panda and Penguin Algorithms?

These are the new algorithms of Google, which help to bring down low quality website from the SERPS. The panda focuses on on-page ranking factors, and Penguin focuses on off-page ranking factors.

What are The Limitations Of The Meta Tag Length?

There is no limit for Meta tag length, but for SEO friendly website it should have limitations on length.

  • Title: 70 characters,
  • Description: 160 characters,
  • URL: 70 – 100 characters (3-5 words),
  • Keywords: 100 characters are highly recommendable.

What Is Google’s Sandbox?

The Google Sandbox Effect is a theory used to explain why newly-registered domains or domains with frequent ownership changes rank poorly in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). In other words, new websites are put into a “sandbox” or a holding area and have their search ratings on hold until they can prove worthy of ranking.

What Is LSI?

The related keywords also influence the SEO rank so the Latent Semantic Indexing looks for synonyms of the primary keywords. The search engine uses the LSI algorithm to display the relevant results.