So you have decided to start a new business and what a great feeling it is, the ability to have something of your own and do it your way, the right way. However like any new business, even old businesses may get stuck, trying to get out there and in front of customers can be a difficult task.

The marketing and branding can be a nightmare and represent one of the major headaches for a business owner. So how do you get your company in the spotlight?

Start Up Success

Look at Me!

Let’s assume you are not in the big leagues with unlimited wallets, marketing and branding at the moment wouldn’t represent a worthwhile investment in exposure. So consideration of the best ROI (return on investment) needs to be put into action and from my experience in sales training it has been the use of samples that generated the most interest. With the term samples we mean giving a slice of your product to get people hooked so examples would be;

  • Webinar
  • Seminar
  • Month Trial
  • Limited Consultancy

Those are a few examples of how you can draw a large crowd in and generate a networking event for you and others. This would cost a sum of money but the ROI would be much greater than any advertising or social media promotion could give you. It’s also important to determine which of those would benefit your product and your customer, please remember to get creative and if there are other examples you can think of just do it and keep in mind ROI with these situations.

The benefits of the ideas mentioned above would mean that you will have contact details for those companies and can start to build a relationship. We will use the example of a free seminar as we host a few and have an experience of them. So if you’re focused in a niche market and you set out to get 30 companies present at the seminar, you have to get at least 40 registered.

With anything free people will take it but won’t put themselves under pressure to attend so don’t let your expectations take hold of you. Now if you in a mass market you really need to go all out and get 200 registrations so when 100+ companies turn up you will see a massive ROI for your personal time and the companies’ time.


Now your incredible offer has passed you will have contact details, these are now your ammo to get the deals in. We like to send a thank you e-mail straight after the seminar to everyone that attended; this shows a sense of personality and urgency which majority of people like.

Remember it’s a thank you not a ‘show me the money’ e-mail so keep it short, sweet and leave a note for people to look out for your next e-mail. Mentioning a potential offer as a thank you and then letting people digest it all is a perfect way to keep interest at its peak for your service.

Now to cold call, phones are your friend and e-mails only take you so far so man the battle stations and get all of those numbers called. Depending on the market you target you will get into the ever present and troublesome ‘gatekeeper’ this is where sales training and your sales process come into play and you become the smart money.

Getting passed the gatekeeper allows you to have one solid bit of information, your through to the decision maker, the most vital part of the process is to get to them and make sure you leave an outstanding impression with this one person.

So in conclusion make sure you offer something the majority of your market cannot refuse, capitalize on your investment by getting contact details and lots of them. Once the offer is over use the primary source of communication; emails and phones, ensuring first contact is never a ‘buy me now’ offer and second contact is with the vital decision maker.

Chances are after all of this you will be gaining traction in exposure; the ability to piece together an exceptional free product and then communicate effectively will get people’s minds racing about your product.

The decision maker and how your approach them is a whole different story however…