Salesman is like a warrior who fights on the front for the company. He is the best person who knows the current market trends. So the traits and personality of a salesman should be adorable and customer friendly.

According to H.W. Morton- personality is that personal distinction or dynamic force which is felt by everyone who comes within the radius.

Qualities Of Good Salesman

Attitude and behavior of a sales person reflects the status of the company. He is like a mirror where one can see company’s core values and ethics. Though he comes under lower level of management but he has great responsibility towards both customer and company.

Modern day corporate world works in a very professional manner. So to compete and stay on top in the industry a company needs salesmen who must have some essential qualities:

1. Sound health: Swamy Vivekanand once said a football player can understand GITA better than a person sitting at home. To have sound mind one should have sound health. Salesman should be in a good health to carry his duties efficiently.

2. Good appearance: Salesman should pose good posture while talking to customer, wear neat and clean dress. Groomed personality is always liked by the customer. It gives a very good first impression of salesman in customer’s mind.

3. Courteous: Courtesy costs nothing but it gives high dividend. Salesman should be vivacious, cheerful and a have pleasant voice.

4. Observation and imagination: A salesman should be very alert and always ready to listen. Listening is also a skill. All good speakers are very good listeners too. This way they can imagine the problems and needs of the customer being in his position. Sales person should observe the ever changing market trends and consumer behavior and mold himself according to current market scenario.

5. Company and product knowledge: Salesman should know his company’s values, mission and should have prominent knowledge about the product and its features. Then only he can impress his customer and answer their queries. Always remember one old saying, “Features tell, benefits sell”.

6. Integrity: It shows your character, your values, and thus it affects your way of working style. A salesman should be loyal towards his company, customer and co-worker. A loyal and honest salesman is an asset to the company.

7. Target oriented: Growth of the company is directly proportional to volume of the sales. Salesman should always be target oriented and contribute in the growth of the company. He should be initiative in nature and always ready to step forward if given challenging situations.

8. Maturity: It is nothing but balance of mind. Sales man should have enough patience during rough phases. Sometime it might happen when sales become fragile. He should show patience and keep working on follow-ups. You should show tolerance if being scolded by seniors and customers. Never blame others. Try to take responsibility if something goes wrong because customer is directly dealing with you.

9. Self Confidence: You should like yourself. If you have the faith in yourself then only you can achieve your target. Self motivation is very essential character for salesman. It gives enough power and inner strength to overcome adverse situations.

Sometime after having all these qualities you will not be able to convert leads into customer. Reason could be anything, external or internal.

For ex- recession, calamities, strike in production department, poor quality of product etc. In that situation don’t let die your ego-drive (to be the best) and passion for your work. Keep developing your skills. Improve and modify your working style according to the current situation.