If you are completely new to corporate blogging, it can be difficult to know how to format your blog so that it is reader friendly.

Here are some tips to help you create a blog that is easy and fun to read.

Corporate Blog

1. Avoid run on sentences.

Practice the art of effective communication by keeping your sentences short and to the point. Don’t be afraid of the period. By keeping your prose pithy and direct you will run much less risk of boring your readers.

In addition, shorter sentences are easier to follow than those that just keep running on, missing the point and wandering off of the issue until you are not really sure what the whole point of the sentence was in the first place and you’ve lost your readers attention – like this.

2. Break up your paragraphs.

This is an important concept that many companies follow in web design and content, but miss when it comes to blogs. The fact is that shorter paragraphs are easy to follow. The reader will not get intimidated. A good rule of thumb to follow is that each paragraph should be about two to three sentences long and never more than four.

You can also use this formatting technique to get your point across. The written word can be pretty static and sometimes, a statement will come across as more forceful when it stands alone on a page. When you need to make a point don’t bury it in a paragraph.

Give it its own space.

3. Don’t be afraid of pictures.

There are numerous sites out there that offer royalty free images that can be included in a blog. You can also include your own pictures. This really makes a difference and will make your blog much more interesting. It is a very good idea to include pictures of your corporate events as well.

This can make a story about a company event come to life since you’ll have the pictures to show what happened. In addition, this shows that your company is full of people that you are about enough to showcase. Pictures really are important and although you shouldn’t go overboard and have ten or more in a post, at least one per post is a very good idea.

4. Bullets and bold.

Bulleted lists are easy to read and will engage your reader. Again, if you’re trying to make a point, having a visually interesting post will assist you in this. Bold text is also very useful when you need to make an emphatic statement. Moderation is key, but this can help you get your point across more effectively.

If you’re stuck on how to format your blog, you may want to work with a blog management company that can assist you in planning and execution. These services are very useful when it comes to creating blogs that get noticed and meet corporate goals of traffic and increased customer confidence.