Can you like my page on Facebook? Can you please follow me on Facebook?

We get these forms of messages all the time on Facebook. To be honest, they doesn’t work — you won’t get the likes as you are always wishing with this strategy.

Facebook Followers

But yes, they do get a little traction and that’s pretty much it.

So how does super successful people are getting thousands of people following their page?

It takes time, schedule, passion … and of course, science.

Today’s article is all about getting more likes and followers on Facebook.

1. Have a goal — super specific goal

Fan building success depends on your goal. Yes, that one single goal will determine the success of your social media marketing.

Your goal in social media is not about getting more revenue, sales or income (yet). It is all about building an engaging community that will reaction to your actions.

In this case, it could be sharing your posts, providing solutions and even support.

Want to make social media marketing work for you? Focus in building a community in your Facebook group or page. Engage with them and solve their problems (for free).

And then, you’ll get a winner. Period.

2. Good images helps to increase Facebook likes

An image represents a thousand words.

The next time you are posting an update on Facebook with the goal of having more engagement, share a powerful image.

The biggest problem and mistake done by many is that they share images which doesn’t tick the readers.

3. Facebook fans love awesome content

We love great content and there is absolutely no denial in this.

Awesome content helps you generate more engagement and with Facebook’s algorithm, you will get more visibility.

The more engagement an update gets on Facebook, the more visible it would be for your fans. This means that the number of organic reach will increase dramatically.

Let’s be honest here, publishing awesome content is really tough to pull though. Thankfully, we have a few who do it extremely well.

4. Tell story with your updates

The best storyteller in the market? CopyBlogger.

Every article that they published start with an awesome story. The opening story plays a huge role in getting readers to continue reading the below paragraph and making the whole post extremely relevant to them.

The same goes when you are trying to get more likes and followers on Facebook. Opening words must be captivating enough to encourage the readers to continue reading.

And the end, there’s the glorious call to action which determines your click through rates.

Here’s the take away: Focus in handcrafting the perfect Facebook update by telling a brand story.

5. Stick to a posting schedule

There’s absolutely no denial that Facebook users love to see constant updates from pages they truly follow.

As a Facebook admin, you need to ensure that you are feeding them with what they need. And in return, you’ll get more engaged followers.

You don’t need to publishing one post every hour or ever X minute but you need to make sure you are posting on the right time, every single time. Do you know where your followers are from?

At the moment, there is not much of a work-around for you to figure that out. But hey, that’s not the end of the world.

Using Facebook ads, you can easily determine your potential fans’ location.

Here are information you need to get this Facebook strategy work:

  • Having an idea of the location of your Facebook fans
  • Knowing their age and gender (optional)

Now using Facebook ads (create a dummy one is fine) and add the information such as location, age and gender. Click on Location and you can even choose more insights such as cities and countries.

With the information gained from above, the next step is to understand how Facebook is used by the selected demographic. For example, adults usually use Facebook during meals while younger generation usually use them all the time.

Plot the time and dates using tools like Hootsuite (it offers free account for everyone) and if you would require more firepower, tools like Sprout Social is a better choice for business users

6. Engage with followers and get them to promote YOU

The fastest way to get more likes and followers on Facebook is by engaging with your followers.

Each time you receive a notification that they have left a comment or give a like, take a moment to thank them in the public.

Every one appreciate such and I am sure you do too. Social media business is all about relationship building. The stronger relationship bond you have created, the higher the chance are for them to promote you for free.

And in this case, it could simply be as small as sharing your Facebook posts with others to referring business deals to you!

Did you know that Facebook posts that have more engagement (likes, shares and comments) get more visibility?

7. Are you using hashtags in your Facebook updates?

I certainly hope you do as they play a powerful role in terms of Facebook post ranking.

Let’s face it, hashtags work super well on Instagram and Twitter but I know many marketers (even businesses) are skeptical using hashtags on Facebook.

Here are some stats taken from a case study done by Post Planner:

  • Posts with 1 or 2 hashtags averaged 593 interactions
  • Posts with 3 to 5 hashtags averaged 416 interactions
  • Posts with 6 to 10 hashtags averaged 307 interactions
  • Posts with more than 10 hashtags averaged 188 interactions

Powerful takeaway: Using hashtags on Facebook will increase your post engagement. In return, you will have a higher chance to get likes and followers on your Facebook page.

8. Branded hashtags help you get more Facebook likes

If you are struggling to gain attention (especially for new businesses), using hashtags can grow your visibility.

With the case study done above, posts with 1 or 2 hashtags get the most interactions and take the moment to add hashtags that represent your business.

9. Engage in Follow Friday / Fan Page Friday to get free Facebook likes and followers

Thank God Is Friday or TGIF – The day we make connections like never before.

Brands are using this event to grow their visibility by miles away and you can too. On every Friday, search this terms on Facebook search bar:

  • #FanPageFriday
  • #FollowFriday
  • ‪#‎FacebookFanFriday‬

What you need to do is to:

  • Write a reply (between 50 to 100 words) about yourself and your page
  • Follow those who participate
  • Leave them a nice introduction message that you had followed them and ask politely to have a follow back
  • Engage back with those who follow you on your Facebook page

On a normal Friday (approximately 2 hours of engaging with several Facebook Fan Page Fridays), I could easily get around 80 to 150 followers.

And yes, without spending a dollar for Facebook advertising.

If you are wondering, here’s the typical type of template I always use:

Hi there!

[Name] here from [Website Name – No URL]. [Tell them something about you]. I certainly hope you like [what you do in your Facebook page] as I will share them a lot!

Let’s get connected here [Facebook Page URL].

*PS If I fail to return a follow, please give me a nudge and I’ll do that as soon as possible!

One important note for this is that you can have multiple URL in the post but ensure that the URL for your Facebook Page is the first (for preview reason).

10. Skyrocket your Facebook followers with contests

We all love freebies … and contest, right?

The temptation of winning something without spending a dime is just too much of a lust.

And hell yes if you are thinking to take this opportunity to get more likes and followers on Facebook.

There are several things you need to know before even considering organizing a contest on Facebook:

  • It costs money (duh)
  • Getting Facebook likes doesn’t really generate quality fans (probably 10 – 20% are good though)
  • Click baiting for likes is highly not advisable

With that being said, here are two tools you can use to organize a Facebook contest for FREE!

  • Contest Capture
  • WooBox

Organizing a Facebook contest is always a good idea but through my experience, unless you have over 10,000 die hard fans, you need some Facebook advertising to get the words out.

How much Facebook fans can you expect to get from a contest?

Probably a few hundred or thousands depending on your niche and reach. Utilize the power of Facebook advertising if you want to have an explosion of new fans to the page.

Are you ready to get likes and followers on Facebook?

I certainly hope you do so! With the above 10 tips, rest assured that you will grow your Facebook fan base by a mile.