Have you ever wondered how a biometric system works? Or perhaps you would like to know what biometrics is and what they are used for. Biometrics is the identification of an individual based on his or her unique physical characteristics.

Some of these individual traits could be a person’s fingerprints, retinal patterns or even the sound of one’s voice.

Biometric Technology

Today, biometrics is becoming an increasingly popular form of technology in the workplaces of many businesses. It is being used to track employee shifts and attendance, as well as enhance the security of said workplace. Keep reading to discover how this is done.

Effective Employee Monitoring

Many businesses that use a time and attendance system are choosing to adopt a biometric system for its accuracy and high levels of efficiency.

Since biometrics requires the physical traits of an individual, it is a very effective form for accurately tracking the shifts and attendance of your employees.

Using a biometric device such as a fingerprint scanner, or a voice recognition device, employees can sign in and out for their shifts and breaks every day without any error in identification or hour logging.

In order to clock in and out, an employee would have to scan their fingerprint or retina depending on which devices you use, and then their shift information would be automatically loaded into the company’s computer system.

This means that only those who are allowed in the workplace will be granted access. As well, it ensures that your HR staff will have to spend less time logging hours and more time on other important tasks.

If you have security staff on board, it will also mean that they will not have to sign employees in which will allow them to spend more time keeping the office secure.

Eliminates Time Fraud

Since biometric systems use such unique information to grant access to employees, it is a great system for effectively eliminating issues of time fraud in the workplace.

Some common issues include buddy punching, and lying about the hours worked. Buddy punching is when one employee clocks in for another employee who is absent using a swipe card, punch clock or password of sorts.

However, with biometric devices installed, there is no longer a use for punch clocks and swipe cards. If an employee wants to be marked as present for a shift, they must physically be present to clock themselves in via the biometric device used.

As for lying about one’s hours, when an employee clocks in and out using a biometric device, they have no control over the time input. That information is automatically recorded, and there is no way to tamper with it.

Tamper Resistant

Another great feature of biometric systems that reinforces their effective security measures is that they cannot be tampered with. In order to be granted access into the workplace, or into the computer system, the unique physical traits are required of the person who is permitted access to these things.

That means, only their fingerprint, voice pattern or hand will work to obtain access using time and attendance hardware.

Due to this feature, it is impossible for another person who is not in the system to work these devices or pretend to be someone else. There is no way for them to put themselves into the system either, or bypass it in any way.

Biometric systems are the ultimate method for ensuring that your place of work and its employees are kept safe at all times.

So if you are looking to adopt a system for your company, you should strongly consider a biometric time and attendance system.

Not only will it accurately track your employees’ hours and attendance, but it will provide your office with added, effective security at all times. Enhance your workplace’s security with biometric technology.