A lot of the most common tips for corporate blogging are obvious now, and are becoming stale for that reason. But does that mean that we know everything that we need to know about getting a good corporate blog started?

Here are five new tips for corporate blogging that have not been regurgitated time and time again.

Business Blogging

1. Never forget that your blog is all about representing your personal brand.

You can work wonders to develop and show off your corporate brand if the bloggers representing your company and corporate brand know how to talk about it.

2. Keep each of your blogs focused to a single topic.

You can create power in your corporate blog simply by learning how to focus and sticking to a single subject or topic at a time.

3. Join conversations rather than creating brand new ones.

People are already out there talking about the things that they care about most, so read other conversations and take the time to add value to these existing conversations by adding something new whenever it is possible to. When you begin your own conversations in your blog, then, you will have already established credibility of your own.

It is important to not be too me-centric when you first start corporate logging, but rather to build a reputation over time before you expect to have a following of your own. If people know who you are and where you are coming from, they will follow your comments back to your blog to see what else you have to say.

4. Focus on serving your readers more readily than pleasing your employer.

This seems like a simple strategy, but it is fundamental for the success of your corporate blog. The more generous you are when it comes to the readers of your blog, the more influential you will find yourself being.

Send people away from your site to visit competitors whenever it will benefit them. Sure, you may end up losing a sale at the time, but you may gain a long term, trusting customer in the process, and that is more important in the long term.

5. Strive to humanize.

It is absolutely vital that you realize that the one fundamental reason for corporate blogging in the first place is to create a level of humanization in the corporation. When you write a corporate blog, your primary intention should be to be a real person. You should reveal the passion that you feel for the job that you are doing to show readers what is great about the company.

You should be open and honest about your personal fallibility so that readers can see it, and you should strive every day to avoid mediocrity, which is what causes so many corporate blogs to fail. The more real, open, honest and HUMAN your corporate blog is, the better off you will be.