You already have a website, but do you still need a blog? Idea of having a blog may might confused you first. However, if you want to be successful in social media too, then you need to have a blog.

Setting up a blog along with a website is one of the most beneficial things you can do to promote your small business.

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Self Branding: You can call yourself as an expert. For instance, when someone wants to learn something about your product or your business, they can directly ask you. Helping them with help you to prove yourself, and it helps you stand apart from the crowd. Business is not always about money; it is also about helping others. Helping others with help you to build a brand for yourself.

Google loves Blogs: Since a blog can be  updated regularly search engines like Google loves it. When you write something newsy, thoughtful, controversial, or opinionated, you’ll get noticed in the search engines more easily. Writing fresh and original content on a regular basis will also help to bring more traffic.

Its Simple and Fun: You don’t have to be a tech genius to start or update your blog. Once your blog is set up you won’t need anyone help to publish content for yourself. You can do that on your own.

Attract Customers: Your can make your own products available for sale on your blog. You can write reviews of what it’s all about and how it can really help the shopper.

Get Traffic to Main Website: This is true; you can always divert traffic your blog traffic to your main business website. You can showcase your products on your blog, which can lead a user to the main website.

Get Target Audience: Remember people read blogs to gain information and to stay updated. A blog gives your business power and presence in front of your target audience which you can always take the advantage.

People Subscribe: Since the beginning of the blogs, there was always subscription option. People subscribe to blogs whom they find interesting. Subscribing a blog mean, whenever a new article is published on a blog, a subscriber gets an email alert about fresh post. And this is free; you don’t have to pay like you need to do in email marketing.

Countless Benefits: Above point are just few out of many benefits of how a blog can really help your business. You can blog according to your convenience and according to your needs. You don’t need to be a professional writer to convey your message to your audience. You can speak in your style and be yourself.

The key to successful blogging is to be consistent. Post once a day, once a week, or once a month. Whatever you choose to just be sure that you will do it on a fixed schedule or particular interval.

Image Credit: Ramunas Geciauskas