PageRank is basically a link analysis algorithm of Google, which is named after Larry Page. The Google Internet search engine makes use of it for giving a numerical value to each of the pages, which is indexed in their database.

The main reason is to measure its relative importance within the set of page. It is possible to increase PageRank more easily than you think.

Increase Page Rank

The PageRank of a website is determined largely by the importance, or popularity, of the site based on the PageRank of the sites linking back to it. You must try to take advantage of quality backlinks to increase the PageRank of your site.

Which Links Are Considered as The Quality Backlinks?

  1. Links from websites that have a higher page rank than your site can be a quality backlink.
  2. Links from websites/blogs that have content related to your business site would be a quality backlink.
  3. Links from forum and blog posts with the keyword anchor text in the resource box or published articles can be considered as quality backlink.
  4. Links that are built naturally over time is also considered as quality backlink.

There are many methods to create quality backlinks for which you will have to take some action yourself to have other websites link back to yours. Here are some of the most common methods to get backlinks and increase your website pagerank:

  1. Writing and publishing articles on blogs and article directories.
  2. Submitting your website to business web directories.
  3. Exchanging links with other websites in your niche.
  4. Participating in forums and getting links from the forum resource box.
  5. Using Twitter, Facebook and other social sites for backlinks and online branding.
  6. Commenting on blogs, which provide dofollow backlinks for its commenter.
  7. Using social bookmarking to save your websites pages.
  8. Using link building services and tools if necessary.

Apart from the quality backlinks uptime of your website is also very crucial. If your website always down, Google may reduce the ranking of your site accordingly. Therefore, make sure you chose reliable web hosting that guarantee 99.9% uptime.