Major search engine like Google Yahoo and Bing are constantly changing their algorithms so that they can keep their results better and up to date. On page, optimization is no longer used to determine a website’s ranking. Factor that carries the most weight with search engines results are linking.

Linking can be defined as a method of connecting your website or blog, that are relevant to your target market and that have high page rank, and getting them to connect to you.

Improve Your Website Ranking in Google Search Engine

Google owns the largest percentage of search engine market and are linked driven. Which means it determines the ranking of a web page by considering how a page is linked from other websites.

Here is a key tip for link building, When choosing a particular website or blog for link building keep in mind how the search engines would react. If your website sell hardware and you get a back link from a food-related website, then it is not a relevant backlinks, which will only harm, then doing good. A natural link would be the yoga site linking to your website, and you are selling health-related products.

Go for quality and not for quantity, getting too many link at once can also be seen as a suspicious activity by Google. Webmaster often commits a mistake by joining a link farm and get too many links at once Search engine spiders catch them and penalize with dropping its rankings, and sometime even removing them completely from its index.

One way link and the reciprocal links is just people exchanging links to increase their link counts. Search engine has grown wiser in understand this. One way link is worth ten times than a reciprocal link. Search engine is getting more and more sophisticated so try every trick to build your search engine ranking.

Use Social Media

Social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many others are very helpful to increase your website ranking. You can not only increase your brand visibility but can also attract free traffic and some valuable backlinks.

However, you need to be active with your brand pages by continually posting high quality and interesting information as well as links back to posted articles on your website. By this, you can encourage viewers to link back to those articles and help to increase the content value in an eye of an search engine.

Use Keywords and Keywords Phrase When Necessary

You must have already heard a lot and known about keywords; however, poor use of them can do more harm than good. The best use of keywords includes use in title tag, use in body text, and in alt-text description of any images or videos that you use.

Include A Sitemap For Users and Search Engines

Sitemap is simple yet very effective when SEO is considered. However, there are still too many websites that do not create one.

You must include sitemap on your website homage and also submit sitemap URL in Google’s webmasters tools. Sitemaps that can be easily found can be beneficial for its user and make it more user friendly, while it helps a search engine to crawl and index all the pages with ease. This will finally help to improve its ranking in search engine over time.

Quick Tip: Never use software for link building or website submission do it manually.

Image Credit: SEOplanter