A good ranking in Google search engine is the best way to drive traffic to a website and to make more money. Thought of SEO sends most website owners into flutter.

The algorithm used by the Google search engine is the world’s best kept secrets but here are few tips to optimize your website or blog for Google’s search engine.

Google Search Engine Optimization

Website Design

Structure of a website plays a very important role as this is how a search engine sees how each page relates to another. When your site is crawled, the search engine judges the relevance and quality of your site from the sitemap you provide. A good sitemap includes naming pages with the top keywords and naming it as a sitemap.

Optimize Website For Audience

You should optimize your website for the audience and not for the search engine. Search engines like sites on a specific niche because specialized information is more beneficial to search engine users.

For example, your site will rank higher when it will be dedicated to just gadgets and technology, a user searching for gadgets and tech related news will be more satisfied with a website full of information, then just one or two page of technology and gadgets.

The more you know about your user the better website design you can create. If possible, survey your users to find out what they want from your site and ask their suggestions too.

Label Internal Text Links and Image Alt Tags

Search engine can’t read images. Anything without text means Google spiders won’t crawl. An image label is just a clear description of the image using keywords. By labeling the images you can also get it index in Google’s image search and thus can furthermore get traffic through it. It in addition helps to add more keywords to your website content.

Update Website Regularly

Your site ranking will be improved if it is updated regularly. Try to add new content at least once a week. Pages that don’t change will eventually be downgraded in favor of sites whose pages are fresh.

Backlink From Related Site

Good quality backlinks are important in Google SEO as it tells its spiders that the site is popular and or important. Backlinks are links that are directed to your website from another site.

Getting a link from the relevant site is the great way to improve website ranking. Try to implement two way backlink if possible. For example, your link to Site A and Site B, who both link back to you and also link to each other.

Quick Tip: Check for broken links if any. Google’s search engine optimization is not one time job it needs constant effort and attention.