With the advancement of the Internet, a lot of online companies have cropped up in the market. As goods and service providing sites show on the web, hackers and scam performers are swift enough to build duplicate sites which will effortlessly dupe customers and those seeking to work from home.

Nobody wants to be a victim of scams and lose their hard earned money. However, with so many online business websites available these days, it could be difficult to distinguish the genuine ones from the fraud ones.

How to Check Whether an Online Company is Genuine

Each year, hundreds of people fall prey to dishonest merchants and Internet service providers, whose services range from home and online protection to theft and scam guard against identity theft. Simultaneously, other dealers and telemarketers sell a range of products; from newspaper subscriptions to goods you can find in an online shop.

While some are legitimate, there are others who take help of unscrupulous strategies or misleading information to influence you to cash in on their offers. This is the reason why you need to research the company or vendor ahead of placing an order for a product or service.

Prior to accepting an order made by an online business – whether you get the offer via phone, email, mail or an online editorial – make inquiries about the corporation.

Look for the organization’s website by entering the full name of the company into a search engine, together with any labels or acronyms related to the organization’s name.

When you discover the company website, go through every single detail, including gifts, incentives, prizes and other things that are comprised in the offer. Also check whether they have a termination or return policy.

Once you discover the company’s online address, visit the official website of Better Business Bureau. With this, you can see whether the organization is genuine and obtain a complete report on its standing, together with how many objections or complaints the BBB has received about the organization from different consumers.

Take help of the official website of Consumer Protection Agency to find out the position of the company, what goods or services it provides, how efficient their services are, and how the organization is looked upon by the public and the bureau.

If you want to check whether the company has any previous or existing scandalous or legal action pending or going on against them, verify with the online crimes unit online.