There were a lot of speculations in recent years about the lasting validity of web directories and whether they still have a place in link building strategy for search engine optimization. However, Many people still find online directories a useful resource when looking for things on the Internet, although with the arrival of social bookmarking and social networking sites, their usage is greatly reduced.

A well-maintained directory can be a great resource for webmasters and bloggers to search for quality sites and to get valuable inbound links.

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To determine if it is worthwhile submitting to a directory is by asking yourself whether in the absence of a search engine, would you personally use that directory? If the directory is full of broken links or irrelevant or poorly written content, then it is unlikely to be beneficial. The Google keeps on adjusting their algorithm to remove or lower the value of a site that appears to be a spammy and low quality.

After some strict updates like Google Panda and Google Penguin, many webmasters have avoided link building with web directories. They have done this out of confusion. However, If done the right way any link building process can be worth, the time and effort spent on it.

All the web directories we have listed are manually verified for quality and submitting your site will only have positive outcomes. Some directories will accept your site within 24hrs while some may even take up to 3-4 months, it depends on the amount of submission the directory has.

Before you begin directory submission, make sure you have the following details in your notepad.

Title: Titile of your site will be your anchor text, so make sure to use the targeted keyword and also write down up to 5-6 tiles and keep changing it during submission.

URL: The URL of your site main homepage or any sub page (if allowed by site administrator).

Description: This needs to be about 2-3 sentence long. Some directory even requires you to submit lengthy description.

Meta Keywords: Keywords that best describe your site.

Meta Description: Description of your site in 160 characters.

Email: This can be your personal email, but some directory needs you to submit your domain email id, so make sure you create one before you start your submission process.

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