SEO is a precious resource. However, due to spam and dozens of other unsavory practices that pollute the Internet, this resource is being exploited at the expense users. Learning SEO does not happen overnight, it takes time and patience to become a successful SEO expert.

Natural SEO means originality, quality, relevance, proper navigation, and transparency on every page. You should test speed and quality of your website. You must also stay away from unnatural methods like doorway pages, shadow domains, and other deceptive practices.

Better SEO

There are lots of free e-books and articles online, which can help you to learn the art of search engine optimization (SEO) or, which claim that it is possible to optimize your own website in a few very simple steps.

Learning all the SEO techniques can be a very time-consuming task, and if you want to get up to a standard where you can claim to be an SEO “expert” you will have to put a lot of hours in.

An important characteristic of an SEO expert is that he is always up to date with the current technology today. Becoming a member of SEO chat rooms, forums online and reading a lot of SEO articles can keep you on top of what is currently happening in the world of SEO.

Understanding what and how your website operates can give you a clear view on what are the most important keywords that an SEO expert should use.

SEO experts also know how to analyze competitor websites well. The only way to reach the top position in search results is to beat your competition. You need to analyze the top 10 websites and find out what it takes to compete them, the statistic that you need to measure is the number of backlinks and anchor text used.

When these parameters are known, you just need to build more links than your competition with the primary keyword as anchor text.

Alternatively, you can choose to hire a professional SEO company to do your search engine optimization for your business website.

The main advantage of hiring experts to help with your optimization is that they will know exactly what they are doing, and they will not need to take a trial-and-error approach, which you might find you need to do if you try to learn your own SEO techniques.

Image Credit: Eric