In today’s fast paced world, where companies are built daily and there is a big scandal every week bringing a corporation crashing down.

That is why it can be very beneficial to start a corporate blog. We will go into this and four other reasons for starting a corporate blog today.

Start a Business Blog

1. Transparency of operation.

The one thing that brings a company to a halt is when it makes decisions outside of the eyes of its share holders. Further, today there is no real way to operate to maximal effect without a global presence on the internet.

By starting a blog, you hit both of these issues on the nose, by providing a more real time window into the operation of your company. Comments on the blogs, user forums, news services and other directions in user interaction provide your customers and investors a way to make their voices heard.

This will increase confidence in your company and keep you connected to your customers.

2. Blogs can be beat press releases.

Everyone reads blogs today. Blogs are subscribed to more than newspapers and magazines today, and users who are interested in your business will be watching your blogs significantly more than your press releases.

By making announcements over a blog posting, you are guaranteed to get the interest of those customers and share holders who will spread your message faster than wild fire. These users are business professionals, those who are the best choice to advertise to.

3. Earn your investors trust.

Blogs and the relationship between bloggers and their user’s comments, in the corporate world, helps the company to build a relationship with its customer and investor base.

With this comes a great deal of trust, which in turn will allow the blog to become a more valuable advertising outlet. With the trust of your customers, you will in turn gain a valuable asset to company growth.

4. Get ahead of the herd.

Those companies with which you compete will get a blog, that is a certainty. The most important thing is to ensure that your corporation gets theirs first. Possessing even a week’s lead will place your blog above others when searched in todays lightning fast search engines.

Showing up late to the party will give your business the appearance of trying to keep up with the times, which can severely hurt the number of customers you have.

5. Be a part of the hype.

No matter what, people will talk about your product. The only question is how involved will you be. Your blog allows you to host the conversation, forums allow you to respond as well. You need to be able to address customer needs as they arise, so that your customers will see your dedication to them.

Not hosting a blog is paramount to going on without concern for what your customers are saying, meaning slower reaction to customer problems and the loss of a great research opportunity.

Given all of this, there is no reason for you not to host a blog. It is a easy way to boost your business to new heights in customer satisfaction.