When currencies entered the scene, the world of barter was forgotten. However, not many businesses known that in the 21st century barter is not only happening but also alive more than it ever was.

So many small and medium level business owners have no idea about the existence of barter and the value it can bring to their investments. A great pointer to the soaring world of barter is the fact that by 1998, media’s 55 percent was not bought but got through barter.


The percentage only reflects the media but the truth is that a lot of other services and goods are acquired without any money at all- through bartering.

Easy To Afford

The online world is growing and a lot of small businesses are popping up across the globe, whether one is dealing with dairy products, office supplies or even advertising material there’s always a need for that .

This is making barter much faster and simpler and easily reached by many small businesses. In other words, what a small business is in direct need of today that must be too expensive to afford could be accessed tomorrow, and affordable at that.

Each Business Needs Something

All small and medium businesses are always in need of something. Probably, it is what you might be ready to offer and obviously, your small company also needs something else that other businesses are ready to offer. They are definitely interested in availing it to you for what you have through bartering.

Once this has happened, your small business will acquire something it desperately needs at a minute fraction of the normal cost since it will be paying with the goods or services it has.

For example, it is quite easy to barter branded promotional materials such as branded marquees for a summer holiday arrangement during the summer. And it’s a win win situation.

Caters For Pressing Needs

If your small business has some pressing need such as cash flow, barter comes to the aid. Businesses are empowered to engage in trading in services and goods for those things other businesses are offering, since barter helps complex exchanges to occur among a huge number of businesses.

The best way is through direct contact with the businesses that you deal with every day. Your computer maintenance guy, your regular office stationary supplier…the possibilities are endless…

Business owners are looking for good and services for their non-business and business world and since most of these things are too expensive, they hardly make the budget.

Through barter, no one needs cash to get what they desire most. While this might not be what you are looking for, it should open your eyes and mind to the huge number of commodities awaiting you since other small businesses are ready to trade with what you have without a reminder of their most pressing issue across the divide-cash flow.