AdSense is best when it comes to monetizing your blog. The CPC for AdSense ranges between $0.11 and $10 (even more in some cases). So how do you increase the CPC and CTR? Some factors are discussed below to help you out.

How to get Maximum CTR and CPC from Adsense

Quality Niche sites

It is a known fact that quality niche sites increases the CPC. Unfortunately, this also decreases the CTR. Why is it so? A quality site will rank for competitive keyword providing with higher CPC. On the other hand, a reader will have all information through quality posts. Hence clicking on ads will not be necessary. Therefore, if increasing CPC is your goal go for high quality sites.

Layout of Ads

Most webmasters and marketers prefer to embed ads within the content. Odds of the ads being clicked definitely increases. But did I mention they can be annoying? Imagine reading a post and there are ads in the beginning/middle/end. Isn’t it annoying? A reader is distracted. Ads placed in header, sidebar or footer does better.

1. Ads Placed in the Header

Most AdSense ads are placed in the header. Such position captures the attention of readers as soon they land on the page. This position is acceptable in cases when your site has extremely thin quality content.

2 .Ads placed in the Sidebar

Most ads get higher CTR when they are placed in sidebar. Readers after glancing through the content will eventually end up whiling their time. Ads placed in sidebar will be most entertaining in such cases.

3. Ads placed in the Footer

Footer ads are perfect in many ways. First, they attract visitors who had gone through your post. In other words, a reader who is about to leave will click on the footer ads.

Size of the ads

Size does matters. Google has some recommendations themselves. The rectangle ad and the leader board is quite useful. Bigger the size the better information will be provided. This will attract more users to click through your ads. Naturally, it will increase your CTR.

Link Ads

Google has a rule not to place more than three ads on a page. Fortunately, you can use the link ads. Therefore, that makes 4 ads. Place the link ad anywhere you want. Most webmasters prefer it to be placed near the navigation area where your pages are listed. In my opinion it should be placed at the end of every article (include the code in the post)

Text vs Image ads

Both are equally essential. Your page should be a mix. Having only text or image ads is dull. Imagine a page full of texts. Doesn’t it look annoying? Again, imagine a page full of images screaming for your attention. Therefore, use the header section for images. The sidebar and the footer can be alternated between text and images. While creating the code better choose both text and images. Google, will randomly show both text and images ads on your site.

These are just few practices, which can increase your CPC and CTR. These were the ones from my experience. However, I suggest you experiment with the layout of ads. Maybe you will come up with a striking idea.

Guest Post: Richie Richardson is a full time blogger. He is also a forex trader and writes occasionally about Forex. The topics include forex trading system, forex bonus, No deposit forex bonus, forex signal software and other forex related topics.