If you are going to launch your first web site, you need to have a domain name of your own. There are a couple of tricks you must be aware of before you get hold of one.

A person without any knowledge just rushes out and picks domain names in hurry; this is always a case when a person launches his first website.

Tips On Picking a Domain Name

What seems cool? What seems professional? I will use my brand name. These are the primary thoughts a person comes up with domain names, and they regret it later. A domain name is like a partner it can be excellent or horrifying in the long run.

Unless you already own a business which is familiar to everyone don’t use it. Honestly, it is not going to help you bring any traffic, and people will not be able to find you through search engines as you are maybe the only one who knows that your site exists.

If you are insecure about others stealing your trademark, then you can register it, but it is worth thinking of a name before making any mistake.

The best way to choose a domain name is to do some keyword research, that is related to your business. Keyword research means to identify the keyword phrases that an online user will be using to search for your services or products.

You need to make a list of high-traffic keyword phrases and then use one of those phrases in your domain name. Search engines always give a lot of importance to a domain name that matches a keyword phrase. This benefits you to push your website to the top of the rankings, which gives you a huge boost over your competition.

Once you have picked out the keyword phrase you need to use it for your domain, there is a further secret you have to be aware.

The period of your domain registration is also a crucial factor in search engine rankings of Google. Google gives more importance to a site that is going to be online for a long-period time. At a least, you should register the domain for two years, but you can also go with the longest choice available.

Image Credit: B.Gary