SEO has become even more pervasive, and its importance continues to grow. To make most of the Internet marketing you need to take this step, so that you can improve search engine ranking of a website or blog.

You may think the site that ranks on top has spent a lot of money to get there, but the fact is that they follow the basic search engine optimization guidelines. These guidelines are always easy to follow and cost nothing or little to put into practice.

SEO Strategy


If your website is not indexed in Google, there is no use of any optimization. So submitting your site to Google is your first step if your website is new. You can do it here: You will need a gmail account for that.


Submit your site or blog to DMOZ also called as Open Directory Project. The Open Directory Project is the most comprehensive and largest human-edited directory. It has a large number of volunteers who maintain the web directory. Getting your site listed here will not be easy so make sure your website is complete and without error before submitting.

Yahoo! Directory

If you are going to spend some money on Internet marketing, then you can purchase a listing with Yahoo! Directory. Directory submission is very essential for a business website. Getting a link from Yahoo is very valuable. One backlink from Yahoo is better than hundreds of links from a small website. SEO is all about quality and not quantity.

Link Building

Get into link building practice to build backlinks for your website. You may also consider choosing any link building company, but make this decision very carefully as they usually use the method which may harm your website ranking. The more links to your site will tell Google that your site is important, and it will rank better than its competitor.

Make Site Crawl-able

Make your site Google friendly and make sure it follows the Google webmaster guidelines. Provide sitemap for search engine spider so that all your website pages get index easily and quickly.

Have Patience

Search engine optimization is a long-term process. If your are expert in SEO, you may see improved ranking results within three to four months and sometimes more. High profile websites with strong backlink background rank significantly higher in search engines even if they have low quality or little content.

Conventional search engine optimization strategies include brand identity building and social media optimization; you have to build your online presence, which is a repetitive and continuous process.

Quick Tip: You need to understand that a website’s ranking cannot be built in a day. After you follow these guidelines be patient, you have done your part and now allow search engines to do its work. Don’t expect to see an instant boost wait for some time.

Image Credit: SEOplanter