As corporate blogging gets a bigger foothold in the business world, more niche instructional books are starting to pop up. One of these that is actually well worth the read no matter what niche you are in is Realty Blogging.

Designed to assist realtors in taking advantage of the benefits of corporate blogging, it goes in depth into many topics that all corporate bloggers can appreciate.

Realty Blogging by Richard Nacht and Paul Chaney

The main focus of the book is how to use your blog to build your brand, increase consumer awareness and sales, and all three of these points are crucial for any blog.

The first chapter covers how a blog can be used as a strategic tool for realtors, and offers many reasons why this medium can be incredibly powerful, if it is harnessed correctly. It also goes over the changes in how technology is affecting the realty world and how realtors can take advantage of this before everyone else does.

The next few chapters discuss search engine marketing and direct communication. The first goes into how to target keywords for your blog, researching techniques that can increase your effectiveness at reaching your target audience and how to build up your niche. Again, powerful advice for any blogger.

We appreciated the chapter on communication since this is another area where many bloggers fall down. It’s one thing to write a blog, it’s another to use it to develop relationships. Many bloggers fall into the trap of not keeping up on their reader correspondence and this can be a death sentence for many blogs.

Chapter four should be read several times and covers how to use your blog to build your brand. Specific tips are given, such as how to handle word of mouth marketing via your blog, as well as how a corporate blog can also be used for recruiting – another rare topic that is covered only sparsely in other books.

Chapters six and seven discuss how to become a trusted expert and then how to parlay that into relationship marketing. This is absolutely an exhaustive resource on both topics and goes much further than average books on this subject do.

Chapter ten was another highlight and offers some great tips on blogging for lead generation. Yet again, another topic that is woefully ignored by many authors. This chapter should be read by any blogger, or manager that is looking for new ways to acquire leads.

We recommend this book to anyone interested in corporate blogging, particularly if you are doing so to make money, generate leads and further increase your sales. Although the book is of course geared towards realtors, there are many tips on lead generation that will apply to any industry and can be put to good use by any blogger.

By far the best book we’ve read in the realty niche, and incredibly useful for just about anyone. We have high praise for this book and look forward to reviewing other niche corporate blogging books.