By the end of twentieth century, job search had taken the long leap from newspapers classifieds to the worldwide web. Online job portals were new at the time. So was the Internet, hence, people couldn’t make the most of it.

But the easy availability of the Internet connections revolutionized business as it paved way to ample online job opportunities as well as refined the employment search.

Online Job Searches

With the very few in the beginning to the massive lot that flourished within a decade, online job portals have simplified job search.

There are numerous job search portals assisting job seekers as well as employers to find employment and employee as per their requirements.

While some like, monster jobs, times jobs, are solely focused on providing recruitment information, others like LinkedIn focus on social networking for professionals, embodying job search to enable users get a job that suits their profile and caliber all the way. The benefits of online job portals are mentioned below.

Employers can find a candidate quickly plus online portals are open 24×7. So, the employers don’t have to wait for the next morning to review candidate CVs – they can do it at midnight, if they want.

Employers get to zero in their search on the basis of education, work experience, extra-curricular activities, geography, industry exposure and any other parameter.

It’s hassle free. Employers can post vacancies, receive resumes as per selection criteria, screen them, contact preferred candidates and schedule an interview – all that from their workplace without having to make umpteen calls.

By placing job vacancies at these portals, employers get the opportunity to project an excellent brand image. It’s quite benefiting for the small-scale companies which aren’t well-recognized in the marketplace.

Since candidates are picky about the companies they work in, the description of a particular company serves as the brand builder among them.

Employers have a full control over the hiring process plus it’s a cost-effective measure. Since there are no middlemen in the process, employers cut the additional cost as well as dependency on them to review, filter and select the eligible candidates?

Like employers, candidates looking for their dream jobs also benefit from the online job portals. Here are the benefits.

Equipped with the most advanced tools, the websites offer search and filter criteria that assists candidates to easily find jobs relevant to their qualification and apply in a company of their choice.

They are provided with the company’s market value, the job profile, eligibility criteria, profile responsibilities, offered salary, contact details of the HR department, website link for further use, last date for application submission and many more crucial aspects that help candidates to narrow down their searches.

Broader coverage. Candidates can look for jobs in not only their city, but any other city as well across the country.

They can compare their resume and work experience with other candidates who have applied for the same profile, allowing them to figure out their chances of getting a call for interview.

Candidates get to keep track of their application progress at different levels.

Indeed, there are clear advantages of online job search and recruitment measures over the traditional methodologies. These are the reasons people are cashing in on the easier, simpler and time-saving way to approach the eligible employees and preferred companies.