Doing business is not as easy as many people think it is. There are many aspects that a person must know of and must take care of for running a successful business.

All the business companies and organizations require a team of intelligent and intuitive business minded people for running the affairs of the business.


However, if the leader of the company or the owner is not so bright and insightful then even having the best business team is not going to help a company in prospering further.

Such a company will in fact not be able to survive in the market. Thus, the person running the company should be one who knows business inside out and is capable enough to take the company on the path of progress.

Many people are of the opinion that experienced leaders and CEOs prove to be more successful businessmen than the young leaders and CEOs.

The argument that such people present is that experience is the basic need of running a successful business and since experience only comes with age thus, the older statesmen who have a wealth of experience in doing business are more suitable for positions of CEOs than the youthful yet inexperienced businessmen.

Even though the argument presented is very valid and seems perfectly true yet the results of the surveys made to check the success rate of older businessmen against younger businessmen are very conflicting as they declare the young businessmen as more successful than their elder and experienced counterparts.

The results of the surveys reveal to us that experience alone is no longer enough for running a successful business in the current scenario. Innovative ideas and the development of new methods of doing business have taken over experience and have now become the most necessary aspects for achieving success in business.

The young people are full of ideas and want to change the way business is done, this is why they are finding success more than the elder businessmen who lack new ideas and rely only on their experience to guide them through business deals.

Their dependence on their past experiences and their stubbornness to stick to the old methods are some of the reasons why the elderly businessmen are not as successful as the young businessmen nowadays.

The results of the surveys suggest that age has nothing to do with success in business. Youngsters who have no experience can become successful businessmen too. However, it is going to be stupidity to think that the lack of experience is not going to be of any consequence in running a business.

The limited experience of young businessmen will produce challenges for them but if they use their wits then they can find a way around these challenges pretty easily.