Google is known for rolling out new updates in the field of search engine optimization. The reason they do is to help in better ranking worthy pages at the top of the SERP.

There are still lot of SEO companies that have been working their way to steal the top ranks by indulging in unfair SEO practices. Google is not one of those who could be hoodwinked by some smart SEO experts thus; updates like Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird were launched.

Improve SEO

Nowadays, a webmaster needs to follow quite a number of rules to improve SEO of their websites. There are two main types of SEO, both of which are equally important and work together to help your website in higher ranking.

Remember you will never achieve overnight success using this method; it takes time, dedication and patience and a lot of hard work to get your blog or website on the front page of Google, and even more it takes to reach the top of the list.

Here are the basics to improve SEO ranking for your website.

Check for Errors: It is always frustrating for users to see dead links, error messages, or poor site design and layout. Users will not stay long on your site either, and all these things will be counted as negatives for Google’s ranking algorithm.

Improve Site Content: You will have to carry out site audit and check how your pages look and how good is the content. Is it really unique? Does is have proper formatting? Can it help your users? This is the basic question you need to ask yourself.

Make sure you use H1 tag for title and important text in bold, and anchor text with links to support your content.

Use Keywords: Keywords had always been an important part of SEO and are something you will need to research and understand.

Go through what your competitors are using for their keywords, use online tools to determine the most common keywords used by your competitors and then make use of these words throughout your website, adding them freely into content without making them look out of place.

Build Backlinks: Backlinks are one of the most important tools in the armory of the webmaster. Backlinks from websites/blogs/directory that are of the related niches and boast of a high page rank (PR) play a crucial part in drawing traffic to your website.

Use Social Media: Social media has become one of the most-used platforms to promote business. Almost every single person has some form of social media account. Sign up for them all and promote your business, your blogs, articles and press releases to potential and current customers to improve your brand and also SEO visibility.

Image Credit: Axzm