Backlinks are very important factors when it comes to your website’s success, sales and traffic results. It is all about connections just like most businesses. The more popular sites you earn backlinks from, the more your website will rank well in Google. The sooner Google indexes your backlinks, the sooner you are able to reach on the front page.

You can earn backlinks from other websites organically on your own and is definitely free. It will not cost you a thing to build or get free backlinks. By building free backlinks you are also building relationships with other bloggers or website owners.


The quickest way to acquire quality backlinks is to buy them from successful Internet resources. This will ensure you the best in search engine optimization and push your website at the top of the search engines as Google and Bing. However, It can be a bit dangerous buying links and is not recommended.

If you wish to get a excellent ranking on major search engines like Google or Yahoo! or Bing, then having a decent backlinks strategy is pretty significant, since this is how these search engines normally calculate the rankings in the search result’s page.

Tips To Earn Free Backlinks

Get Edu Backlinks: When you obtain a link from an Edu domain, you will eventually increase your website page rank. Google gives authoritative pages or sites high page rank, and if they link back to your site, your page rank increases as well.

To earn the edu backlinks, you will first need to search related dot edu blogs. The best way to get edu backlinks is to leave comments on blog posts or forums run by edu sites.

Social Bookmarking: An online bookmark is a link that is on the page of one website, and points to another one somewhere. The main purpose for them is obviously for the user’s website visit to be more enjoyable and to display relevant content from other website’s resource However, they can also help your site to appear higher in the search engine pages.

Links Exchanging:  The exchanging of links are commonly done by most site owners, and you can try to too. As the word suggests, it’s simply done by exchanging links with other site owners.

Article Writing and Submission: Writing articles and its marketing is a great way to brand yourself and your business, give to people valuable information and earn their trust. However, articles give you also good quality backlinks to your website. You can earn additional backlink when someone would copy and use the articles you wrote to other websites.

Blog Commenting: Posting comments on blogs is a great way to express your opinion about the post you’re commenting and also to earn backlink to your website. Many blog owners will let you put a link or two, to your website in your comment. This way, you can earn backlinks from high ranked blogs.

Those were five ways to get backlinks the easy way. Although there are many more ways in order to get more backlinks. Those five mentioned above are the simplest and easiest to earn those links our site truly needs.