Think of all the ways there are to promote your blog.

You have Twitter, Facebook, Google+,Reddit, and any other social media site. Then you have blogging networks like BizSugar, Blog Engage, and Blog Catalog. Finally, there are the powers of word-of-mouth and then through any comment made on any other blog.

Promoting Your Blog

All of these are sure ways to make your blog known and promoting it even further. But, do not be annoying when promoting your blog throughout these different methods.

Social Media Sites

Social media sites are one of the easiest ways to promote your blog, but they are also one of the easiest ways to be annoying to your fellow followers and friends. Think about how many times you post a tweet or a status update. You do not want all of those updates to be about your new blog. Why?

Your followers and friends do like that you have a new blog, but they will not like how you keep promoting it. Then, after awhile your promotion will come to an end and you will have to think of other methods of promoting.

If you overuse Twitter, especially, you will face the fear of declining followers and so you will theoretically lose the power Twitter offers.

When making a new tweet or status update, do not just promote your blog. Sure one or a few updates a day could promote your blog, but also think about retweeting or using your updates to promote yourself. “Promote” yourself and your thinking to not only connect with others but to prevent any annoyance.

Blogging Networks

Blogging networks such as BizSugar, Blog Catalog, and Blog Engage are a great way to not be (too) annoying when promoting your blog. All you, the founder of your blog, have to do is setup a profile and submit your blog’s content. Then any posting or talking you do with the community within the blog network, will most likely not cause any annoyance since everyone comes there for the same reason. To blog.

Word-of-Mouth and Commenting

Personally, I have found this to be the best method for promoting your blog. Word-of-Mouth is a great way to get your friends and anyone that you feel would be interested in your blog, interested.

But, when starting off you do not know very many people that would be of interest to your blog, so that is why not being annoying on social media will help solve this problem.

If the people you connect through social media like your blog, without heavy promotion, they will refer the blog to others which is your word-of-mouth.

Along with word-of-mouth, commenting on other blogs that are either of interest to you or are of relation to your blog’s purpose or niche will be healthy promotion for your blog. One thing to stay away from is actually including just your blog’s url address within the comment.

You can (when appropriate) include the url of a post, on your blog, related to the post you just commented on. But, most blogs today will ask for your website url, which is your blog url, whenever you make a comment. This is plenty for promoting your blog.

It will become an annoyance to the owner of the blog, you are commenting on, when you are always promoting your blog within the comments and they just might mark you as spam. Then, you have just lost another area for promoting your blog.

Last Words of Thought

Blog promotion is very crucial to making your blog known to many, but if you over-promote to the point of annoying everyone, your ways of promoting will all dry up. Then, you might want to think about starting a new blog and not make the same mistakes again.