You’re a jack of all trades. You’ve got tons of hobbies and plenty information that you’d like to share with the world – so why not start a blog? Of course, it sounds like a brilliant idea.

You’re ambitious so you make a list of all the niches you know a little bit about and before you know it, your list is so long, you don’t know where to start.

Blogging Niche

You decide that maybe you should cross a few off, but which ones? You don’t want to miss out on making some great Adsense revenue – if you choose the wrong one, you could set yourself failure. What to do? What to do?

Here’s what you can do:

Stop and realistically think about which blog niche topic you know more than “a little bit” about. Stay away from topics you aren’t willing to immerse yourself in. And run, don’t walk away from those you can’t credibly present yourself as an authority in.

Here’s some examples of blog niches to cross off your list:

1. Weight Loss Niche

If you’re like me, and are a little on the curvacious side, stay away from the weight loss niche.

Unless: you’re ready to do a journal-type blog that reveals your real weight and real progress – don’t do it. Acai Berries might be a good income generator, but they don’t work as well as their affiliates say they do.

Don’t jump into this niche if you aren’t a serious weight loss expert with the credentials to back you up. Otherwise, you’re on the road to Scam-spam-city. Cross it off your list.

2. The Make-money Online

This niche is another one to run away from – I’m not even going to touch this one except to say – if you haven’t made any money online, cross it out.

3. The Photograph or Picture Niche

If you don’t even own your own camera. Or if you do own a camera, but for whatever reason, everyone in your pictures appear headless, you might want to rethink this one.

These sites need lots of high quality pictures, if you don’t have the time to travel; or models to pose in various backgrounds and scenarios – just let this one go.

4. Gardening Niche

If your thumb isn’t green – skip it. If every plant you’ve ever owned turned brown (that means it’s dead), no amount of HGTV watching is going to help you become an expert in this area.

5. Personal Finances Niche

if you’re constantly trying to weasel out of overdraft fees, you might want to consider a different niche. If you think Budget is the name of a hotel, please don’t attempt. There are too many innocent people you could harm with this one.

Yeah, you were probably hoping for some super-techie formula for picking a profitable niche. Some type of new keyword analysis, or something? Sorry to disappoint, but I hope you get the point here – if you really don’t practice what you blog about, why should people be forced to listen to you?

Blogs are supposed to be beneficial to its readers. How can you benefit anyone when you clearly don’t know what you’re doing?

On the other hand, there are very unique talented people who really could benefit others by sharing their knowledge.

Instead of looking at what’s popular and what makes the most money, consider the talents and gifts you already have; hobbies you already enjoy – those are areas where you can enrich the blogosphere with valuable content.

What are some other popular niches you can add to this list? Who should avoid them and why?