Small, medium or big – companies of all sizes are taking SEO seriously. Search engines are no doubt becoming source of serious business traffic. But as a business owner, do you outsource your SEO works to some offshore company?

If you don’t or you hesitate to send your SEO to offshore experts than you must follow this article.

Off Shoring and Outsourcing Achievement of Search Engine Optimization

Common Hesitations on Offshore SEO Services

As a business owner, interested in SEO, you must have heard common hesitations and reluctance that surrounds offshore SEO services.

1. Offshore SEO service providers are not much aware of modern day SEO strategies.

2. Non-English speaking SEO professionals can hardly deliver.

3. Communication could be a problem.

4. Difference in time zone can lead to loss of work hours.

Now, having said all these, let us see what modern day SEO is all about and what is actually relevant.

1. World Wide Web is like international water. Google, Yahoo or Bing – all major search engines are equally accessible across the locations. Search algorithms do not discriminate in terms of geography, except in cases of local search queries.

2. With panda algorithm, search engines are looking for more helpful, value-rich content and organic links and relation with authority sites.

3. Organic links and authority building require persistent optimization effort, evergreen content and serious keyword research. In fact, keyword research is still the most important factor.

Why You Should Outsource SEO to Offshore Location?

1. SEO strategies depend on search engines algorithms and these algorithms are invariably known to all SEO professionals across the countries. So, you cannot find discrepancy between a competent offshore SEO professional and his counterpart in western countries.

2. Communication is no longer a problem as people at many offshore locations are proficient in communicative English.

3. Offshore SEO services accommodate differences in time zones. Many offshore locations work longer hours to adjust time difference.

4. Offshore SEO companies often charge less than western SEO companies. This is owing to the lower cost of living in those locations. However, you must avoid if price cut means quality compromise.

Things you Must Check

Before outsourcing your SEO work to any offshore company, you must double check few basic things to skim maximum benefit out of it.

1. Are you comfortable to communicate with your offshore SEO team? Check that beforehand. Do not hesitate to deny giving your project if communication falters.

2. You must stop falling for unrealistic SEO goals like, ranking among top 3 within a week or two for any solid keyword. This is unrealistic. You must stay away from Blackhat SEO. Search engine punish this practice severely.

3. You must know how your offshore SEO Company would handle time zone gap.

We should understand, cost difference that offshore SEO provides can make our business more competitive. So, if you find no gross quality difference, there is no point why you should not outsource SEO to offshore locations.

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