How much does your company spend on link building per month? In the 2013 survey, 10% of respondents said their company spent $50k+ per month on link building, so it appears that the upper limit to link building spend may have decreased slightly across the industry.

Things are changing rapidly in the SEO world!

SEOs Spending Less On Link Building

SEO Plan For 2017

1. Press release still works if done right. Just use it if you have something of importance to say and don’t spam. Simply submit to the most important sites and change anchor text often (or use brand name only).

2. Build links without links, try to mention your brand often, even without linking to your site. This looks natural for brands.

3. Make sure you understand the future weight of Google’s authorship. Start building up your profile as soon as possible. Examine your  competitor profile too.

4. Use social media websites for building links. Your followers can help to spread your content across the web.

5. Make inforgraphis to spread awareness about your brand. People can use that infographic and give a valuable backlink if they want to.

6. Article marketing and the guest posting should be done with proper care.

7. You can provide freebies to your users but do not ask for a mandatory backlink from them.

8. Building your blog networks to link to your own website is strictly prohibited. Google will find out eventually and may take some action against your site.

9. Avoid using black hat tools and software to build backlinks.

10. Negative SEO can waste all your good efforts. Learn more about disavow tool so that you can tell Goole not to count them for your website ranking.

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