Right now you need to forget Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest as a source of traffic for your website and business. Everyone seems to have overlooked the giant G+ and the fact it’s owned by the most used and popular search engine.

So if you haven’t already set up an account or if you have one and its gathering dust, brush it off and begin to use it as a primary social media account for your business.

Rank Higher With Google+


This is your friends and follows for your account, the aim is to get as many people into your circles as possible. Follow as many as you can and then wait for the follow backs.

Sure 1000 follows later you get 10 is pretty annoying but in time as popularity picks up people will follow back.

So what do circles do? With the people and companies you have it automatically ranks you in the top 10 of any relevant keyword searches they may do. More importantly it only does this if they are logged into their Google account.

So for example if a someone from your circles searched ‘accountant’ and they were signed in, you would automatically arrive in the top 10 results then compare this with the scenario they were logged out then you would rank in the normal place as you would if someone outside your circle searched for you.


Is groups chat for you and anyone in your circle, obviously invites are required. So what this allows you is the opportunity to network with people in your circles that will have the same interest as you or same business ideas.

Whatever the networking event is about it allows you to converse with like-minded people and build up a personal or professional network.

What we hope from any hangout’s that take place is that a natural ‘link’ will be built, people will feel comfortable who you are and will feel that you’re a respectable person. So the links between websites, blogs or whatever else will become natural and this is where the perfect example of white hat SEO comes in.

Internal Linking & Content

With the ability to build a mass amount of people in your circles G+ also allows you to SEO all of the content you search and general profile content also. Using smart keyword research within your G+ account will also help give you a massive boost up in natural rankings.

Comparing the limitations on wording and editing you could say Twitter and Facebook are really not that SEO friendly.

With limited editing capabilities and the news that Google have disallowed the ranking of other social media pages means you need to SEO your G+ account and build a large network.

Spending less time on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is vital as even though they bring exposure they do just that and rarely do you see any major conversion rates compared to G+.

Because of the engine capabilities and the fact people use it every day to search for everything if they are in your circle and don’t even know it they will