Google’s Matt Cutts announced July 3 that he was taking a few months’ leave of absence from his position as head of web spam to spend more time with his wife. He assured webmasters and SEOs that there are still a ton of resources people can use to keep up to speed and contact Google while he’s away.

Surely, there are lots of things webmasters should be doing while Matt Cutts is away. This is indeed  great opportunity to overhaul the strategies, layout, and contents of a website.

Matt Cutts

Few SEO Mistakes to Check

Meta Tags: The formatting of title tags and meta descriptions is something that you should pay very close attention to. Understanding the purpose of these tags and how they are written is a critical aspect of avoiding SEO mistakes.

Checking 404 Pages: When you see large numbers of 404 errors Google webmasters, tools mean that there are problems with your website’s pages, and these will quickly be recognized by major search engines provided by Yahoo and Google. These error messages occur when old web pages are no longer used, yet still have links pointing to them.

Checking Duplicate Content: Duplicate content is a common issue for many website owners. A website can have duplicate content for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons can be a webmaster do not have enough time to create unique content for each page of a website.

Checking Poor Navigation: When you hire someone to build your business website, they tend not to integrate SEO practices in the website structure. This is to be expected, because their primary goal is to build the website not optimize it for SEO purposes.  If you notice that there are any problems with your website, you should have them fixed as soon as possible.

There are many little things such as meta tags, micro-formats, and XML sitemaps that still have strong influence on SEO. You should take a look at them and ensure that you are using them properly.

Google also provides online tool known as Google Webmaster Tools that can help you in determining whether your website is SEO friendly or not. It also points out many important issues.