Link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO, and it’s also the most challenging part of developing an SEO strategy for your website.

What site is linking to your and what anchor texts it has is how Google and the other search engines decide where your site will rank for different search queries.

Link Building Infographic

Search engines view links from other websites as third party votes and give a boost to your website. while Yahoo! And Bing tends to put more weight on page copy than Google does, but still links are among the top-ranking criteria for all the major search engines.

Link building is an art, and  no two link building campaigns are ever the same – they depend on the website, the nice and the public awareness of the company.

However, Not all links will contribute the same weight to your website’s popularity since all websites have different domain authority. A website is usually measured by its own link popularity as well as its reputation and how many site is linking to it.

Search engines are also capable of identifying link farms and free for all sites which are groups of poor-quality websites that link to themselves in an attempt to manipulate their link popularity scores.

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