Google Translate is a free, multilingual statistical machine-translation service provided by Google Inc. to translate written text from one language into another. Google Translate offers a web interface, mobile interfaces for Android and iOS, and an API that developers can use to build browser extensions, applications, and other software.

Google Translate is also available in some browsers as an extension which can translate websites too. Like any other translation tools, it  has its limitations.
Google Translation Tools

The service limits the number of paragraphs and the range of technical terms that can be translated, and while it can help the reader to understand the general content of a foreign language text, it does not always deliver accurate translations.

Google Translate is a great way to get the gist of materials that are written in a language that you do not speak or understand.

However, if you need translations for a particular purpose, the content is precise, or you are going to e-mail or publish the translation, you must depend on good old-fashioned technique that is human interpretation.

Google is already ahead in the race of search industry. There is no one who has the character to compete with the search giant, at least for now. What others are doing currently, Google has already achieved a name in that domain.

Google is always busy experimenting with the new concepts and innovations which can reshape the search industry and break free the flow of information across all the channels.

In recent change, Google has added new translation features, making it easy to edit translation search terms, change languages or hear the translations directly within search. While searching the keyword “translate,” or “Google translate”  you get a search option for entering text or choosing the translation language via a dynamic knowledge graph box as shown in the screenshot above.

It is indeed a new feature with added translate tools directly within search, and once a full translation search query has been entered; the tool offers both the text translation or the option to hear the audio version of the translated word or phrase.