Google has now completely removed the ability to use their discussion search filter.

Earlier this year, Google had removed the feature from their search filters, but experienced searchers were able to access it via Chrome extension or by going to which would power the discussion filter.

Google Disables Discussion Search

Google currently completely disabled it so now you can no longer filter Google search results by discussion forums. For many discussions’ search was great help; and probably counted for more than half of searches for some webmasters.

The discussion search filter allowed the surfer to look beyond Google’s first page: beyond shops, business listings, news and ads, in order to obtain awareness into actual real-life opinions. Such information is gold-dust to the online marketer, or anyone with a vested interest in what people are talking about in relation to any given subject or topic.

Why Google has removed this function is not clear,  but many users are not happy with the disappearance of the feature.

Back in January Google removed this feature from its search filter menu – along with the blog search filter and some others – but there were other ways to use it or though a Chrome extension. It was a little annoying, but it worked. However, now its completely gone.