This article will explain how to delete your Google plus account safely and quickly. However, you must note that deleting your Google+ profile is permanent. If you decide you would like to use Google+ again in the future, you will need to create a new profile. So make sure if you really want to delete your Google plus profile.

If you want to keep using Gmail and rest of Google’s tools, but do not want to use Google social network functions, then there is a simple step to remove this feature from your Google account.

Delete Google Plus Account

You must also note that removing your Google plus profile from your Google account can affect your YouTube comments and interactions. Since YouTube uses your Google+ information.

Even, if you delete your Google+ profile, you’ll still be able to use other Google products such as Gmail and Google Search.

Steps in Deleting Google Plus Profile

1. Login to your Google plus profile which you want to delete.

2.  Access your account settings. Click on your name or profile picture in the upper right of your Google+ window. From the pop-up panel, click “Account.”

3.  Click Data tools at the top and In the Data tools box, click Delete Google+ profile and features.

4.  Read the resulting warnings carefully. If you delete your Google profile, you delete Google+ as well as other services and their data that depend on a Google profile.

5. Click the “Required” checkbox to confirm that you’ve read the warning text, and are ready to proceed, then click “Remove selected services.” This will delete your Google+ account or your Google profile.

If you accidentally deleted your Google Account, you have a short amount of time to try and recover it:

1. Go to account recovery page.

2. Select “I’m having other problems signing in.”

3. Follow the steps until you see a link to verify your identity.

4. Click the link to fill out our form.