SEO techniques can be classified into two categories: White hat which is known as a good SEO technique and Black hat SEO, which is referred as a bad method.

In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology, white hat SEO refers to the usage of optimization strategies, techniques and tactics that focus on a human audience and completely follow search engine rules and policies. White hat SEO means the method which is used to optimize a website is totally ethical.

White Hat SEO

In the world of Internet marketing the webmasters tries to employ the white hat techniques that produce a long term result and few try to take the short cuts involving the black hat techniques for quick results but does not last long.

SEO campaign is all about being honest and ethical through proper using of meta-tags, keywords, spider-friendly page and web design. This will keep you away from any trouble if you are trying to run your website, that is an important aspect to your business.

White hat SEO technique tends to take much longer time than the black hat SEO techniques as it requires a lot of effort and knowledge to materialize it, but once it is achieved, the result will definitely last longer.

What are the techniques of white hat SEO?

Unique Content: Yes, you read it right. There is no other technique that can beat a well written, well structured and informative article, which is thoroughly unique. This is the only way to ensure that your content ranks well in any search engine, even if you decide to skip on the relevant keywords and their density.

Title Tags: Title of a web page plays a very important role in helping your article to climb on the top of a search list. Any web page’s content will be basically judged by what its title is, so it is essential to give a relevant title to your article.

Using the right keywords: Do not overload your pages with a lot of keywords and also, not all relevant keywords work when you opt for SEO. You need to research well for the most probable keywords that are searched by the users. It isn’t necessary that any single keyword will do the job; you will need to use phrases (multiple words) of keywords as well.

Link to other quality articles: This is a great idea to keep your viewer engaged on your web page. A well-maintained website with the right amount of links promotes a feeling of professionalism and ensures that the reader will be back on your site soon enough when they need some information. Though this is a great technique, you must refrain from adding links that have least or no significance to your content.

White Hat SEO is the only way to go if you are trying to market your website and generate traffic, while avoiding being penalized by search engines for unethical SEO approach. SEO is not difficult; however, you must be careful not to use any of those dirty old tricks as search engines continuously update their algorithms to check the culprit.

After reading this article you may have understood that the core of the White Hat SEO approach is honesty and quality content. With a concentration on simplifying the structure of your site, ensuring that all software and programming are simple and clear for search engines to crawl your website, search engines will be more willing to rank your site higher for your optimized keywords or search terms.