Have you spent any time looking at blogging publication platforms? You have probably already become well aware of the fact that there are numerous to choose from.

Some of the most notable blogging platforms that you can choose from include WordPress, Blogger, Text Pattern, Tumblr, Moveable Type, etc.

Blogging Platform

All of these blog platforms offer a certain level of ease of use and versatility, but the best choice for most cases is WordPress. Word Press is considered to be the best choice for setting up a blog because it offers functionality, versatility and incredible potential for generating income.

Even if you’re simply looking to blog without making any money, WordPress is still by far the best blogging platform that you can use.

Most bloggers avoid using WordPress because they have the wrong idea about it. They either believe that it is too difficult for them to set up, or they believe that it is too expensive for them to operate. Both of these reasons are true but with common misconceptions.

1 – WordPress is not too difficult to set up, though at first it may seem a little daunting

This is especially true if you have never used an FTP program before, or if you know very little about coding or scripts. However, the difficulty associated with installing WordPress is actually directly linked to who hosts your WordPress blog for you. With many hosts, such as GoDaddy.com for example, setting up a WordPress blog is as easy as pushing a couple of buttons.

2 – WordPress is a free program, but setting up a good blog and maintaining it can cost a little bit of money

Still, the cost associated with setting up and maintaining a WordPress blog is not expensive. For examine, setting up a .Com domain only costs $9.99 a year, and you can get a basic hosting package for only $1.59 per month. You can have a lot of blogs hosted in one hosting plan, so the costs really don’t add up when you think about the rewards.

In reality, WordPress is both easy to set up and inexpensive to own and operate, providing that you choose the right hosting provider.

If you want to blog because monetizing your website is a concern, then using a WordPress blog is ideal because you own your own content, you can customize your blog with a myriad of widgets, you can easily convert your WordPress blog into a website, and there are a myriad of other details that make WordPress the best option.

In other words, if you want to choose a high quality blogging platform that will give you functionality and versatility without a lot of cost, WordPress is an excellent way to go even though many people assume that it is more complicated or more costly than it actually is.