Many people want to become entrepreneurs. The personal freedom and potential to make a high income makes it a very appealing and highly desired career path.

However, it usually takes certain skills and a level of business knowledge to become a successful entrepreneur. Fortunately, both of these can be acquired by studying the right major during college.


Plenty of majors provide students with the essential knowledge and qualities needed to make it as an entrepreneur. Here are 5 great majors for budding entrepreneurs:

Business Management

Completing a business management program will teach the student how a business works from the ground up and how to effectively manage a business.

Essential skills for any type of an entrepreneur, a business management student will graduate with a firm understanding of how businesses typically function and the best practices for successfully managing them.


Most entrepreneurs, especially in the early days, have to do a lot of selling of their ideas, making communication skills vitally important. A communications major will equip an entrepreneur with the ability to persuade, argue, speak to mass audiences and on an individual level.

Overall, this major can be a great vehicle for a budding entrepreneur to develop impressive interpersonal skills.

International Business

If an entrepreneur hopes to primarily conduct business internationally, then studying international business during college is an ideal choice.

The international business major covers fundamental business practices on both a national and an international level, enabling an entrepreneur to know how to acquire business anywhere in the world. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a yearning to travel, this is an ideal major.


Most entrepreneurs’ goal is to be able to earn and manage their own income completely independently. Therefore, a degree in accounting can be a wise selection. An accounting major will teach the student exactly how to manage money and how to maximize its use and value.

As an added bonus, an entrepreneur with a degree in accounting can save potentially lots of money down the road by never having to hire an accountant to manage their finances.


Perhaps the most obvious choice would be to complete a degree program in entrepreneurship, which teaches students how to think and conduct business like an entrepreneur.

Students under this program will learn how to think outside of the box, generate unique and creative ideas, promote themselves and learn how to both successfully establish and successfully run a business.

Of course, there are many other great majors for entrepreneur wannabes out there, but above are some of the best options. Students hoping to make it as an entrepreneur should do their homework before selecting their major, and make sure that it will benefit rather than hold them back on their entrepreneurial journey.