Before buying a web hosting, you first have to pick a domain name for your website. This can be bought from your host, that is also expected to offer you a rebate on the domain, such as a percent off of the value or even a free domain for life when you choose a long-term plan.

The most standard domain would be your business name or brand name. However, that might not be an option, as the most popular one are already registered by others.

Website Hosting And Domain Names

Your domain name is your website’s ticket. It is the very first thing that is viewed by an individual when he visits your site. It can even be a crucial element as it will decide whether or not the person will visit again.

That is true, a person will determine whether to visit your website or not, established on the website URL, that is your domain name.

Whenever a person is thinking of buying a hosting service for his website, he generally thinks about the domain names at last. Your website address is perhaps one of the most significant aspects of your online business.

You can make a website most attractive with employing the most professional designer on the Internet; however, without the good domain name, all the efforts that have made will be worthless.

One common thing which you will face is that a good name is already taken; in that case, you can think over different extensions such as .net, .us, .org, or other such extensions, but you have to remember that persons usually remember .com, so you must try for that.

Other factors would be the length of your business name. Long name can hardly be remember unless its it’s catchy one, like here we have chosen

The vital points you must remember is that make your domain name simple to remember and attractive. Think about your company, think over the business name and what you offer. You want the name of your website to remain in your user thoughts for long.

When you think and make a list of few names, compare each one and think, if you would be able to remember it. Would that name stick in your users mind? Does it reveal exactly what your business has to offer?