Owning a website can be fun and exciting as you have a chance to get connected to you potential clients. Even if you are not doing any business, your own website gives you a chance to express your views to a large number of audiences. However, you should pay extra attention in detail to make sure it performs optimally to serve its purpose.

Here are few important rules of thumb to observe to make sure your website performs well and provides good user experience.

Web Design Tips And Rules To Follow

Do Not Use Splash Pages.

This is the page that is seen first when a user visits a website. It can have a beautiful image like “welcome” or it can be “click here to enter.” This makes visitors to click the back button, and chances are they won’t be interested to look further.

Do Not Use Excessive Banner Advertisements.

You do want to make money from your website by displaying ads, but it may damage your website too. Now even the less tech-savvy people have trained themselves to ignore banner advertisements. Rather, provide them valuable content with relevant affiliate links. Or else, this will make your visitors feel that they are being pushed to buy from your website.

Avoid Using Audio On Your Site.

Using audio can be great as it can add life to a website, and a user can know about you or your website offers without having them to read whole of the content. However, if a visitor stays long at your site reading content, make sure they not get annoyed by the audio sound. If you want to use it make sure the user can control its sound and can mute it, whenever they want.

Have a Simple And Clear Navigation.

You need to provide a simple and very straightforward navigation menu so that even small kid knows how to browse through your website. Avoid using the drop-down menus or flashy menus. Users leave the site when they don’t understand the navigation, and this would be a drawback for your business.

The Most Important Thing.

Before choosing a web hosting provider, read its reviews and host only with a reliable hosting provider. Since, you will not want your website to be down when a user visits your website. Additionally, you will not want your website to be down when there are a large number of users surfing your website at the same time.