Is there an industry that cannot benefit from trade show booths equipped with innovative technology? Marshall McLuhan’s “The medium is the message” also describes trade show technology.

Prospects may take only a few seconds to decide to stop at your booth. This conscious or unconscious decision is influenced by the passive and interactive technology you use to present your message.

Trade Show

Passive Technology

Start with your business printing: cards, brochures, booth walls and panels. Transport these classic items into the present with Quick Reader codes.

The prospect’s phone scans the code and receives hyperlinks to your media and web pages. Pausing at your display only takes a moment for the potential client to scan your strategically placed QR codes. Produce your QR code yourself for free from QRStuff or Share Square.

Use large LCD or plasma monitors to loop graphical, fascinating, weird, or funny videos. Find one of the decent viral videos which abound on video sites.

Obtain the use license if necessary. These productions have gone viral for a reason: They are appealing to people with a wide range of interests. For example, the viral video, “Did You Know?” has been viewed in excess of 15,457,570 times. The video’s title, “Did You Know,” is an easy phrase to place before your name or product on a panel next to the monitor.

Interactive Technology

Touch screen displays, video games and contests such as text-to-win and mobile check-in directly involve participants in your message. Frequently, the message is a secondary attraction when the medium is sufficiently entertaining.

A fast developing idea involves a large monitor with your live Twitter feed. Just setting up a Twitter feed with your organization’s friends can quickly backfire should an unpleasant tweet suddenly materialize.

To avoid this possibility, use a professional curator service like Hashcaster is a good idea. These services filter, organize and redesign the appearance of the feed.

Interested passersby are likely to use their phones or net books to join a Twitter discussion of interest and in the process, become acquainted with your product.

Services and Gimmicks

Many interactive technologies for a trade show are gimmicky in nature and can work well. Examples include:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Internet cafe
  • Interactive displays of show maps and general information
  • Remote controlled robots: A sure attention-getter is to have a robot carry a tray of interesting goodies to a prospective customer.
  • A virtual golfing game is a winner, if you have the space.
  • The QR idea could even be mobilized to escape the confines of your booth. Imagine a roving employee wearing a T-shirt imprinted with your QR code.

The prescience of “The medium is the message” is on view at most trade shows today. These media technologies are irresistible to the human eye.

Passive and interactive technology will motivate the trade show passerby to jump off the bustling walkway into your domain replete with the latest technology for delivering your message.