If you have been thinking about jumping into the world of corporate blogging, but you’re not really sure if it’s right for you, this book may push you off the fence.

This book does a fantastic job of explaining everything you could ever need to know about running your own blog, and running it well.

The Secret Power of Blogging By Bruce Brown

The book starts off with the author talking about how he was once pretty skeptical about the benefits of corporate blogging.

However, his journey led him to believe that this is an incredibly effective means of communication. He then begins to lay the framework for anyone to start their own blog. We appreciated the brief history of blogging, but it did feel a bit like filler. However, for those that are completely new to the concept, this chapter will be pretty informative.

The chapters are very brief and easy to read. He makes his points well and doesn’t get too into any one point. It moves right along and covers the basics, or anything that a busy site owner will need to grasp to get started.

We liked the fact that he spent a lot of time discussing the aspects of building a blog the right way and appreciated the section on blog hosting options. Again, for those completely new to blogging, this is essential information.

The chapters on blogging etiquette and how to write a great blog should be read more than once. They offer some really great tips that should not be ignored. Again, they are brief, but the author does a great job of getting his points across without skimming over the subject.

The chapter on the relationship between your blog and your site is also very informative and covers all of the important points that you will need to know.

Our favorite chapter however was on the legalities of blogging. So few actually cover these points and they are vital if you are planning a blog. From the decency code to questions on what you should and should not cover, this chapter is worth its weight in gold.

He wraps up the book with some great case studies that show the power of corporate blogging in action.

Overall, we really appreciated the author’s style and the way that he got his points across. This was an easy read and it did a great job of really breaking down not only the way to get blogging but why it is so important. It’s a great inspirational book that will most likely inspire readers to try their own hand at blogging and that is what it is also about.

Blogging is an incredible medium and has much to offer, and this book did a great job of explaining how to make it work for you. We highly recommend this book to any company owner, and to those that may already have their own blog. You’ll undoubtedly pick up some great tips within.