Whether you are new to business blogging, or trying to find ways to blog more effectively, there are some great tools out there that can truly enhance your blog. Most are free to use, while others do have a small fee.

However, this is definitely time and money well spent, since many of these tools can mean the difference between failure and success. Let’s look at some of the best tools that you should be using.

Business Blog

1. Google Analytics

This is a free stat program that delivers a powerful punch. Not only will you get to see where your visitors are coming from, or how they found your site, but you can also track campaign effectiveness, set traffic goals and measure the ROI of your advertising campaigns. This is truly one of the most efficient and effective stat programs in existence.

2. Google Keyword Suggestions/Popularity

Google recently released these two tools that are commonly associated with AdWords, to the general public. You can use these tools to determine how to target your niche more effectively and to get ideas of what keywords you should be using. This is also a great tool for breaking through writer’s block and the keyword suggestions are very helpful.

3. Submit Express Link Popularity Checker

This is a vital tool for business bloggers that is also free to use and very powerful. Ever wonder how popular your links are? Want to know which sites you should be targeting for links back to your own site? This tool can tell you that and a lot more. This is a great resource for any webmaster, but it can be particularly effective for business bloggers.

4. Wordtracker

This is a paid service, but they do offer a limited version that can be used for free. While this is a little more expensive than some of their competitor’s offerings, you can use these services to really get more out of your blog. Whether you need to see what people are searching for, or how you can expect your keywords to perform, this is a very helpful tool.

5. Multi-Pinging Tool

There are several of these services out there, so it is difficult to pick the ideal one. However, if you are not pinging your blog, you are missing out on a lot of potential traffic. These services can be used right after you add a new post to your blog and they will automatically notify many popular blog listing sites that you have new content. You can actually pick up quite a lot of new visitors with the right pinging strategy.

6. Technorati

This is often overlooked in business blogs, but it can be helpful when used properly. While the main focus is of course technical topics, there are plenty of other topics that are still popular. We also recommend visiting Technorati for topic ideas since their tag clouds can give you an idea of what people are interested in right then and there.

The proper toolbox will help you build your business blog up and make it more popular.